Friday, August 20, 2010

News You Can Use!

Psssst, hey you, yeah you. Wanna know a secret?
It was Israel! Remember the dancing Israelis on 9-11?

Yup that's right, the simple truth is our government has been hijacked by a force so powerful, so deceptive, so maniacal that perhaps nothing short of all out revolt can stop it.
Just the other day I was commenting that a bazooka would be the ideal weapon of choice!
Ah but that was a different life.

In this present incarnation I know better. War never solved anything except to increase the stranglehold the elite have on us little people. Ask Pat Tillman's father if you think I am lying.
Ask one of the over one million dead Iraqis.
We were lied into the wars by Israel, at the hands of the central bankers.
It is really simple. We have learned to accept any atrocity as long as it happens to someone else.
Well my friends the time has come to wake the fuck up and know we are being led down the prim rose path straight to hell that was tailor made for dumb asses just like us.

Look at the government. Israel killed an American citizen in May during the Flotilla siege.
The government defended Israel's act of war.

Look at Gaza.
One and a half million people locked down in the largest open air prison on the planet.
The aid flotilla was bringing food and medical supplies to those people. Israel boarded and attacked an American flagged ship in international waters, yet people think Iran is a threat.
Wake the fuck up. They try to start a holy war. Muslim against Christian. Who is left in the end? The "Chosen Ones". Hmmmmm.

Reality check.

The economy has been systematically destroyed by the Republicrats! GET IT?
The country is being dismantled and shipped out to the rest of the world piece by piece, by the Republicrats! GET IT?
Our children are being groomed to be the worlds killers, to fight in endless wars that have no true enemy, no true objective other than to increase the rate of debt to be absorbed by the entire world. GET IT?

The Republicrats are nothing more than the Zionist globalization branch west.
They have infiltrated every aspect of western society.
Why is it so difficult to see?
Because you've been brainwashed by politics and religion and the most powerful of all tools, the mass media. Who owns the mass media?
Look for yourself, and it will come as no surprise why tiny little Israel can do whatever the fuck it wants and never a bad word is uttered about it. You don't want to be an anti-Semitic do you?
You don't want to oppose God's chosen people do you?
The sad part is the biggest con of the century is swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, every day we do not tell the truth.

The simple truth is it's fucking Israel pushing us all into World War 3, along with the complicit Republicrats of this country and the asshats in Britain.
Same shit heads behind SWINE FLU.
Same shit heads behind GLOBAL WARMING.
Same shit heads behind ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.
Same shit heads saying the Gulf Oil Disaster is over.

Turn the idiot box off. Turn the computer on. Start researching the citizens information network that is the blogosphere. Learn what is really going on.
That my friends is news you can use!

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