Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fake Al Qaeda

This is old news to anyone paying attention to the game they are running on us. Of course without the Muslim boogie man out there we can't justify never ending wars against Israel's (Rothschild's) enemies. The main prize being Iran. Funny how Iran is one of the last holdouts to the central banking system. Go figure.

There is a plug at the end of the video for what really happened. This website run by Michael Rivero
is one of the best out there at exposing the source behind all the crap happening in our world today. Very few point to Israel (Zionists) as the cause. However, I do believe that behind Israel stands the Rothschild banking dynasty. That would put the control center of the world in the U.K., that square mile of banks in the City of London, which like Vatican City is it's own sovereign nation. Washington D.C. is the other such place on the globe.

Notice how the Egyptian architecture (Freemasons) prevails in all three places too!
So the financial center is the City of London, the um spiritual center Vatican City, and the headquarters for the war machine, Washington D.C.
Some common threads that tie all these places together are child pornography, prostitution, drug trafficking, money laundering, assassination, snuff film production and distribution. All of the finer cultural offerings to society are made available by these fine upstanding people.

At some point gigantic sink holes should open from the bowels of the earth at these three locations, and reclaim the perpetrators so they may toil in the mythical magic place they created in order to enslave others. Or I would even settle for three gigantic mother ships vaporising said locations with death rays. But more than likely we will have to do the dirty work ourselves. We probably should throw Israel (Zionists) in for good measure also as their retarded bullshit doesn't seem to want to go away either!

At any rate please understand that all the devious acts have at root cause a shared common denominator, a lust for power and control through fear and intimidation. The same game that has been played for thousands of years. Only now it seems the game is about to change. It has to, otherwise I doubt we will survive the next couple of years!

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