Saturday, September 25, 2010

U.S. Orchesrtated 9-11

The U.S. is outraged by Iranian president, Ahmadinejad's comments that U.S. was behind attacks of 9-11. Do you think?
Question: Who was caught celebrating the attacks on 9-11?

Question: Who is the only middle eastern nuclear armed country who is NOT a member of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty?

Why in the hell is it so difficult to understand?
Oh, that's right, most of us get our information from the Zionist controlled corporate media.

Mossad, CIA, MI6 are the intelligence agencies that provided all knowledge and logistical support to pull off 9-11. This was also accomplished with complete stand down orders issued in accordance with multiple war games occurring simultaneously with the event. Evidence seems to suggest that the planes were remotely flew into the targets, with the Pentagon apparently hit by a sky warrior jet armed with a stinger missile. Meanwhile air defense was chasing phantom targets over the Atlantic ocean while the Air Force shot down flight 93 over Pennsylvania. Obviously all the buildings in New York were prepared with explosives prior to the event with the evidence of building 7 being the most damning.

This was a precision military event only made possible by the most elite forces on the planet. NOT by cave dwelling Muslims with box cutters, which is far and away the most ridicules story I have ever heard outside of the Catholic explanation of sin!

Look, no one likes to admit we in the U.S. live under the most psychopathic and corrupt government on the planet, but just ask the rest of the planet. The fact is our government was compromised a long time ago, just like Russia was during the Bolsheviks revolution and by the same people who also gave us our Federal Reserve banking system in 1913. Hell even the founding slave owners were cautioning everyone about letting the Jews into the country! This is not anti-Semitic because this particular group are not Semitic at all, but rather Ashkenazim. DNA tests prove that Palestinians are the true Semitic people and that Jesus was actually Syrian. Go figure!

So, what we have here is the president of Iran telling the truth to the U.N.
Meanwhile the idiot population of the U.S. gobbles up the Zionist led propaganda to try and start a war over fake nuclear weapons .....again! Hello dumb asses, Iraq? Duh!

All the while the U.N. is about as effective as tits on a bull. Gee I wonder who pulls their strings? Could it be the owners of the largest multi-national banking cartels? Fact is governments are only policy implementers who take marching orders from the money changers, you know the assholes that Jesus got all pissed at, at the temple and flipped their tables over making a big scene! Jesus had balls! We should perhaps learn to grow a pair ourselves and rid ourselves of this scourge to humanity known as Zionism!

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