Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things That Need to Be Said

Elections are coming in the US. on Tuesday. Polling results show Republicans will slaughter the Democrats but no hope and change will prevail because the truth of the matter is the "REBUBLOCRATS" answer to the same "Jewish" master so it's business as usual. (Yawn)

Meanwhile on the economic front, the same uh, "masters" are scrambling to cover their assets.
As the unfolding fraudulent mortgage fiasco works its way into the public mind, we learn the true intent of the foreclosure mills. To simply hide the fact that your mortgage was sold off to multiple banks and mortgage holding companies, all with Federal oversight and blessings! Oh boy, imagine my surprise that the Federal Government was in on the ground floor! Now the simple fact that these mortgage backed investment packages were sold all over the globe, (Globalization anyone?) sheds new light on the global economic catastrophe. From their viewpoint (Jewish Masters) the only catastrophe is they were caught. I am reasonably sure there is one hell of a battle going on behind the scenes as the cannibalistic imperial monetary system feasts upon itself, only to wonder why it is shrinking as it consumes at an ever increasing pace.
For as smart is these people are, their ignorance is glaring. Of course the only natural conclusion will be the death of yet another world dominance empire, as we are witnessing this very moment.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the Muslim Fear Factor is ratcheted up to the breaking point. Again, I am amazed at how many seemingly, intellectual, well meaning people, are completely taken in by this blatant propaganda attempt to start a holy war between Christians and Muslims.
If you set aside the religious programing for a moment you can clearly see the same "Masters" behind this pathetic agenda. (Hint: 9-11=Jewish Masters)

Obviously the "Master's Plan" could not be made possible without a compliant corporate mass media(holocaust). One can not escape the mind altering effects (Muslim Terrorists) of this constant programing that is fed the average citizen (Domestic Terrorists). Our thinking becomes skewed in order to "Believe" in a particular event or system. (9-11 was done by Muslim Terrorists, The Federal Reserve regulates our economy, Israel is a wonderful country, Jews are always victims, Holocaust)

Even the growing alternative media have their gate keepers of truth. Alex Jones, the vocal megaphonic icon of New world order fame, will not touch the "Jew" issue. In his opinion, Muslims control Hollywood (snicker), 9-11 was an inside job strictly carried out by the U.S. government, and people who think Jews are involved in any way are crazy. Jones is a paid shill. Just like Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame. Both shills have enjoyed increased exposure over the past year. Both promote a sliver of truth, only to slam the gate closed on the larger truth. Controlled opposition is the best description. Beware of many in the alternative media, for only a handful offer the big picture.

Finally, November ushers in the potential for paradigm shifting events which may or may not materialize. The future is wide open. We are on the cusp of falling further into the Dark Ages, or emerging into a new Renaissance the likes of which the world has never seen. My intent is for the latter. However, my trained observer mind whispers in the background "more of the relentless, soul grinding, slow motion car wreck, that is a collapsing empire." I hope that is wrong. I am ready to see some shit I ain't ever seen!


  1. It will get a whole lot worse before it can get better: Matthew 24:8. All these are a beginning of pangs of distress.

    Hope your well Ether.

  2. I'm afraid your right buddy. May it all pass quickly for us all. Be well my friend.