Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is the crack in the ultra thin veneer that is the governments assumption that we will
all just roll over and be completely controlled and will submit to their self imposed
authority over us.

This is the turning point.

They have left the barn open and are scrambling to close it, but the horse already got out, and in this day and age the horse just jumped through the picture window of ever house in Amerika!

It is through the overt actions of the thugs at TSA that the illusion is exposed in all of it's

You tell your children that under NO circumstances are they to allow anyone to
touch them in a inappropriate manner, and then you go to the airport,
and the whole family gets massed groped!

Wake the fuck up Amerika!

This is a direct result of the fraudulent terror threat.

Our freedoms have been gang raped since 9-12-01.

This has happened by design.

They will not stop unless we make them stop.

This could be a very empowering moment.

I hope it is but a beginning.

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