Monday, November 1, 2010

Twas the Night Before Midterms.....

.....and all through the house, not a creature gave a flying shit, because voting REPUBLOCRAT is only a sure win for one team. TEAM JEW! (bow of the head to Ashley).
Let me be clear, before someone tries to accuse me of being a fucking Nazi. I strictly mean the Zionist Jews that call the shots in Amerika.

Go ahead and continue to think voting Republican or Democrat will matter in any way, shape, or form. If you think one is better than the other, or you think one is the lesser evil of the two, wake the fuck up! It's like believing a female student in Yemen sent a toner cartridge bomb in the mail, to blow up Synagogues in Chicago. Oh those darn Muslim terrorists! The pathetic attempts to make people think Muslim terrorists are a threat to Amerika is astounding. The only thing more astounding to me is there are people who still believe this shit.

Have you heard the one about the shortage of Catholic Priests? They have all been hired by the TSA! At least working in airport security they won't be arrested for fondling and can see all the naked kiddies their twisted little souls desire! TSA= Tits and Ass! (sorry Mom!)

Back to the subject, what will change?
What change did we get after the Dems, took over in the mid terms of 2006?
After Obama swept into office in 2008, on an overwhelming tide of public sentiment that
demanded something different?
George W. Bush was the worst president this country ever endured, even worse than Clinton, who was worse than George Sr., who was worse than Reagan, who was worse than Carter, etc.

Maybe my problem is I was brought into the world where we had a president that tried to put the American people (not Amerikans of today) first. He did this by doing the only thing a president could do to accomplish this task. Get rid of the federal reserve banking system! The Zionist bastards blew his head off for that attempt. His silver certificates were suspended quicker than you could say "Jewish Mafia". Remember his speech shortly before his assassination? The one about the ruthless conspiracy? He knew. Lincoln knew. Andrew Jackson knew! It's time we all know!

The only way we can save our asses is to accept the fact that our government, run by and bought and paid for by the Jewish Mafia Zionist Banksters, is not serving us, and actually is doing everything they can to destroy us. The threat is coming from within. Not Muslim terrorists. Not Communists, (they already won!) not Socialists. Wake up folks. The biggest threat to our way of life is our own government who pretends to protect us. They are knowingly enslaving us with debt from the federal reserve, and fear mongering through the fake terrorist threat, which after the joint CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 joint exercise known as 9-11, they succeeded in removing just about all of our constitutionally protected god given rights. As a result of fear, the people of Amerika said it is good to give up our rights to be safe. So now you can't even fly without being degraded and radiated with naked body scanners, or groped by heavy breathing deviants. You may not exercise your right to free speech unless you do it in a "free speech zone", you can be searched and your possessions seized without a warrant, and you can be taken away to be tortured without any charges filed for indefinite periods of time. Being the frightened sheeple we are, we still confuse all of these assaults with possessing freedom!

Here lies your freedom, the right to decide whether you belong to a red state or a blue state. The government does not fear any retribution from you because you are an ignorant, indoctrinated, brain washed, and worst of all, you trust the scum bags. You might as well get a shovel and start digging. If you time it just right, you can fall face first into your own grave, not having caused any problems for anyone. Me, I wish to be a giant pain in their ass!

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