Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Art of Disinformation

Disinformation is defined as; false information deliberately and often covertly spread in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth. It is also the meat and potatoes of propaganda. In pursuing the truth it is the blind alley of deception you find yourself running down on occasion.

Disinformation thrives in the information age. I personally would estimate upwards of 90% of all information is false, skewed, or outright lies in this day and age. An honest pursuit of the truth is a right of passage in and of itself. You will quickly realize this is not an overnight matter. It requires constant reassessment of just about everything you have ever held close to your heart. In pursuit of truth, you learn a whole lot about yourself, and you learn about what really matters to you.

I make a conscious effort to disclose proven disinformation. I sight for proof what I consider the facts to be, beyond a reasonable doubt. I am the first to admit my idea of reasonable doubt is probably different from your idea. I am extremely sceptical. I have very few, trusted sources of information. One of the most difficult things to do is to peruse untrusted sources to find little fragments of the truth. Some would consider this a waste of time, but because of the nature of the beast, they take great enjoyment out of releasing fragments of truth to rub our noses in it. It is a sort of sport to them. If you figure out enough they have a away of letting you know that.

Deceiving people is really no great task. Many people need a false sense of security to be comfortable. They get this from leaders. There is only a need for leaders because most do not wish to take responsibility. If the people could only comprehend that the exact nature of the person wishing to lead is the opposite of whats needed to be a good leader, many would give up idolizing leaders. The true leaders in my lifetime were all murdered. As a result I have not seen a decent one since then. Therefore it stands to reason I will not follow anyone. This notion that I am not qualified to make my own decisions does not enter my mind. This is not because I am so great or special, for I am not. I am committed to wanting to know the truth beyond everything else. I believe in nothing. I know a thing or two beyond being white and dying. Beliefs have been proven to be lies most of the time for me.

I know that knowledge from truth coupled with a willingness to let go of outdated concepts combined with a love of changing my internal landscape provides me the best possible chance of obtaining wisdom. Wisdom has the power to protect you from the most vile deceivers who wish nothing more than to enslave, fatten, and consume us. Disinformation keeps us in a perpetual state of fear. It keeps us from leading ourselves to the knowledge that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

The truth never needs defending, as it provides it's own defense through love. Love is one of the most misunderstood phenomena of our existence. Many times it is far easier to identify what love is not rather than what it is. Disinformation is the overt act of turning love into hate through fear. Fear keeps us treating each other like shit. Keep that fear going and hate becomes inevitable. Look at our government in the U.S. for a prime example. They claim that they are keeping us safe by adopting the military police state tactics and laws that prevail now in this open air asylum known as the United States of America. What are they really protecting? Their own self proclaimed right to control us and enslave us! As we say in these parts, how mighty white of you!

The levels of disinformation are staggering to the senses, and that's what they are designed to do. To keep you off balanced, afraid, and in constant need of direction and leadership. It is a cradle to grave indoctrination of subservient obedience to the unwritten doctrines of societal mass manufactured, one size fits all, grade A, 100% government approved bullshit. No longer is there room for free thinkers or fringe dwellers. Everyone must proceed to the partitioned areas of politically correct, corporate approved, left-right false paradigms 0r the god in the clouds who needs your money cult . Some of the most awesome people I know are victims of their own inability to let go of theses clearly concocted control mechanisms. Such is the power of disinformation.

My mission, should I decide to accept it (insert cheesy grin here) is to awaken myself to my role of offering all that I am to serving the only concepts I find worthy of following. The love of truth and the truth of love! It is my choice to make. I have already made it. In my view it is the only thing worth pursuing. As a result, deception, hate, and fear become the focus of exposure. No shortage of material there. There is a shortage of people who can tolerate such an endeavour. Those who are here with me are very remarkable people in their own right, guiding and serving the same ideals I do. We are not crazy, just committed to the notion that love and truth can change the game for all of us. That is one thing I know is true.