Sunday, January 30, 2011

It Started in Iceland

A strange wind blows across the world. It seeks out the corrupt, international banker backed, puppet regimes of the Western hegemonic states, only to slice through them like a hot knife through butter. Israel and it's bitch the U.S.A. are fucking shaking in their jackboots tonight!
Egypt is on the brink of throwing off the Western back tin pot dictator and installing a leader who will put the Egyptian people first, ahead of Israeli-American interests. Just remember that the impetus of this revolution began in Iceland.

It is not too often that we get a front row seat to such a spectacle. Please observe all world events through open eyes and minds. Your wonderful governments, no matter where you live, will try to deceive you at all costs to serve the international banking cartel, in order to secure your servitude to them through debt. Debt is what people fight against. Governments are only implementation arms of the bankers. The bankers give nations armies to exploit entire regions of the planet to create more debt. Countries buckle to their pressure, assuming loans at interest, thus giving complete social control over to the giant parasites. Iceland stood alone and said "FUCK YOU! I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!

The International banking cartel known as the IMF tried to muscle in on Iceland. They told them to Fuck off, only after kicking the government out because the government told them they owed a bunch of money to them. The debt was created by the old Icelandic government, not the people of Iceland. I wonder how many of my fellow citizens know that Iceland is doing much better these days, without the rapacious central banking system sucking every last bit of life from them.

How many people know there is a source of spiritual energy making it's way across the planet. It is focused in Egypt tonight. If you watch Zionist owned Fox News Network or any other fucking mainstream news source you are convinced terrorist forces are behind the unrest in Egypt.
Wake the fuck up! Snap out of your delusional trance. Come to terms that our U.S. government is the main perpetrator of these ridicules lies as preformed on order from our Zionist masters.
This spiritual energy blowing across the landscape, cleaning all the filth and lies and deception in it's wake, has a final destination. Egypt is but a momentary dwelling point tonight, empowering the oppressed people with a determination that will not be stopped. Their government will crumble just like Iceland's. The people will demand a fair, just government in it's place. If they are wise they will not allow the central banking system in.

Watch closely my friends. The energy moves on soon. It will run through every country on the planet, passing through quickly those whose spiritual house is in order. Lingering in those who would benefit from it's purifying presence. How long will it stay in the land of Botox and Vaseline? Are you ready to face the light at the end of the tunnel? Is it our salvation, or just a freight train coming our way? Just remember it started in Iceland, the land of fire and ice!

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