Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What more needs to be said. If you haven't figured out mainstream media spins every fragment of "news" you see, you obviously no longer have a pulse.

I'm not sure if Ron Paul is the ultimate gate keeper for the zio-ruler elite, the lesser of the evils if you will, but I do know he has been kept out of public sight for many years. The support he is getting is going through the roof. I am just concerned we are being led into another Obama mass hysteria moment. We see where that got us!

On the other hand, Paul has kept a constant focus on individual rights per the constitution and has applied constant pressure to audit the Federal Reserve. I say he could be a gate keeper because the elite are masterful at jettisoning parts of their agenda when it becomes advantageous to do so, only to have a carefully crafted plan b waiting in the wings.
We have been burned so many times that it's hard to tell. I have not heard him say much about Israel or the Jewish lobby that is so powerful in this country. Time will tell as it always does. One fact remains established. Fox news got caught lying once again! Imagine that.

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