Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Serpent is Rising

In the Abyss of space
From the center of time
A superman race
Moves the Serpent to climb
The journey has lasted
7 ages or more
Life after life
Must pass through the door


The Serpent is rising
uncoiling in your spine
Bringing you light
From the depths of your mind
Lyrics from Serpent is Rising
from the band Styx

I used to listen to this song when I was very young.
Most people don't have a clue what they mean.
Les Visible does.
So do many others who have a firm grasp on what the hell is really going on.

I see the events going on around the world as a collective serpent rising.
Most people are taught to view any serpent connotation as being evil.
Many others are deathly afraid of serpents (snakes).
The idea has been fostered of the snake in the grass.
The bible refers to the deceiver who gave Eve
the forbidden fruit of knowledge. (Forbidden by who?)

Things are not always as they seem. Egyptians can tell you that.
As we move forward the people most responsible for deceiving you
are being exposed. (Please see previous post: ask yourself is it an apple
or an orange?)

Funny how Bill and Melinda Gates are not so generous after all.
Funny how International Bankers could care less about humanity.
Funny how governments are rapidly outliving their usefulness.
Funny how war is peace and killing is profitable.

The serpent is rising. It is uncoiling in the spine of our earth.
Once it reaches it's destination things will be Very interesting.
Now is a good time to put distance between you and the assholes of the world.
You will definitely not want to be in spattering distance!
May we offer our thoughts and prayers to the fantastic people
of Egypt. They want what we all want, and they are willing to do anything
to get it. Are you?