Sunday, February 20, 2011

William Cook

William Cook slices right through all the bullshit in his article "We the Forgotten People of the Untied States......"
Absolutely stunning how this article speaks power to truth.
I have seen a lot of comparisons between Egypt and Wisconsin. I even posted the picture of the young Egyptian gentleman supporting the workers of Wisconsin. The fact is whether they know it or not, the workers of Wisconsin have started the first back lash against the elite here in the States.
This supposed Republic is thought to be run by the people. Not by some dictate from on high in the Governor's mansion. Well we are about to see if it is or not.

The sad part is the private sector has been devastated by out sourcing and union busting for years. The labor unions have been marginalised, debased, and systematically demonized to the point that most non union workers hate them more than employers hate them! It is not just about unions! It is about the government bailing out bankers with tax payer money and then cutting funds for things that people really need!

Wisconsin along with Ohio now are making a stand against the ordered roll out of austerity measures that are being demanded to cover the Wall st. gambling that went wrong. The fucking money addicts demand more of their drug! At the expense of us all! There is only one way to deal with addicts. You give them the choice of getting help or get the fuck out.

The real irony here is that state level politicians are trying to work out of the bush leagues to get to the big leagues. So what just happened in the Federal Government? If you read the article embedded at the top of the post you already know. Which leads us to the tie in between Egypt and Wisconsin. It is the mutual enemy both groups are opposing. Most people can not see this simple truth. Most will suffer additional consequences for their blindness. This country is in for the rudest of awakenings!

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