Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Protests

The spirit of opposing the government, right or wrong has mysteriously moved from Egypt right into my own backyard to Madison Wisconsin. These are strange days indeed. I have long suspected that judging by their actions, the politicians of the land of Botox and Vaseline are very happy to keep the wedge firmly driven between the people. This event brings it home in striking fashion.

I have tried to explain this to people to no avail. I have tried to explain that we are manipulated, brainwashed, and enslaved on a level that would make dictators around the world blush. They all are secretly enviable of a place where ignorance wears it's crown with pride and true critical thinking was thrown under the bus many years ago. As a people we have been reduced to rival sound bites between Fox News and ABC. The friction created between the opposing forces will eventually find it's outlet. Spirit moves in mysterious ways.

I have written at great length about what I call the political false left-right paradigm. The equation is reduced to conservative + liberal = slavery. Each side is convinced the other is destroying the country. The government is destroying the country by proxy through the corporations and bankers. Throw in a religious war of Muslims vs. Christians for good measures to catch any stragglers. The usual group wins in all cases.

This little protest in Madison is as much about unification as it is division. We have seen what austerity measures look like in Europe. We saw public revolt. Another equation comes to mind. People + Austerity Measures= Legal Theft. Legal in the eyes of the lawmakers. Remember, everything Hitler did was legal. Some things good, some not so much. Legality is much more to do with control than protection. True protection comes from knowledge of truth. Truth remains rather illusive to many. The precipitating event leading to the protest appears to be an official litmus test. Wisconsin was not chosen for this test by accident. Wake up people. Move past the illusion of left-right warfare and recognize the true antagonist and the game they play.

What we are seeing is the official roll out of the new game coming to your town soon. There are many ways to extract wealth and resources from people. The sadist part of all is in this false left-right paradigm we police ourselves for them. They are sitting back, licking their chops at what is unfolding. They understand divide and conquer. Do you?

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