Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Historical Markers

History, as we are taught in school is full of important dates that we memorize as important events that changed the carefully plotted course. The obvious problem with time lines are they only show the linear projection as determined by the current religious or political regime in charge. History is not a line. It is multidimensional.

The year 2001 has a special place as a historical marker. The year 2008 is epic in equal fashion. Both year's events changed our social landscape beyond most others. These years serve as banner years in showing the world's people who the man behind the curtain really is. For those who have eyes to see the facts are obvious. For those who yearn for something much more than shallow materialism, the curtain which hides the man, represents that nearly impenetrable guardian of the truth as it exists in it's multifaceted prism of every possible spectrum available to us in the illusion. In other words, the illusion or lie, exists in different expressions at every level. Historians know this. Those with integrity try to represent the reflection of truth. Those who lack in understanding are more interested in projecting the shadow of truth, for the shadow has more uses than the reflection in a material driven society. The devil is in the details.

The same creatures that brought us 9-11 in 2001, brought us the economic collapse of 2008. History repeats the same meme over and over again as a teaching tool to show us the way to a new world where we no longer need the man behind the curtain to manipulate us. Throw back his curtain but do not harm him. Just scare the shit out of him and laugh the deep belly laugh that only comes from the soul. We live in that moment when our hand is on the curtain. Very soon we will collectively throw it back and laugh.

Historical markers are as much control devices as religions, governments, and money. Systems all contrived to wring the maximum energy out of the individual, all while brain washing us into BELIEVING that they are vitally necessary to our very existence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is shadow lurking at best, obfuscation of the reflection at worst. We need to see this with clarity and purity of mind,body and soul. History enslaves us to the dominating agenda of the moment. This moment says its your fault your government owes so much imaginary money to it's creditors. You must pay it back with your hard work and your children's and grand children's sweat equity. History demands you bow and obey the man behind the curtain. History in it's perceived linear fashion can kiss my ass! To quote an Egyptian protester's sign: One World, One Pain, and a step further to One Antagonist!

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