Monday, September 26, 2011


In case you haven't noticed we all tow the line when it comes to ra ra America bullshit. Some more or less than others. As people try to make their point with occupying Wall St., America the beautiful poises itself to stop Palestine from becoming a U.N. member. Meanwhile more Americans know who won America's got Talent then know about the previous two events!

This has become the land of idiots and idolizers. Some how the capacity to rationally think for one's self has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Everyone seems more worried about voting on a stupid T.V. show than knowing how Wall St. and the Federal Reserve have completely looted our economy. I don't know who won that fucked up bullshit game show, but I do know the corporate sponsored drone attacks continue to kill innocent people. Do you fucking care?

While you sit there drooling on yourself because you have lost motor function, either from the medication or the brain wave state you find yourself in, your perceived freedoms have been systematically replaced with the corporate agenda. There is no longer any open peaceful protesting allowed as proven in New York city. There is no hope of young people to live the American dream because their version has them going around the world killing brown people for the right to be able to afford to pay for their higher indoctrination (education), or brainwashing as the case may be.

It is very simple to look back and see what has happened here. A small group of very powerful people have figured out how to con the masses into doing whatever the fuck they want us to do. The funny (tragic) part is we are too brainwashed to understand this. We protect and serve the very institutions and systems that enslave us! We all freely choose to abide by and support our self imposed prison matrix by providing our own shackles, and wearing them proudly, and vehemently attacking anyone who dares point this fact out! This is truly demented and a testament to how fucked up we have become.

I have urgently spent many years trying to help people understand the depths of the self imposed prison system (to no avail). Many have built in defense mechanisms to attack the challenging of the brainwashing that occurs through corporate sponsored public school system. It is a known fact that at the turn of the last century the Rockefeller foundation funded the restructuring of the true intent in the creation of the public school system. Ironically the medical system was also undergoing dramatic changes shifting away from tried and true homeopathic remedies to much more invasive surgical and chemical treatments which are very often not solutions but rather extensions of illness and disease. Look closely at psychiatric and cancer treatments to see what I mean. The Rockefeller Foundation was behind the shift in medical treatment as well. This is the powerful elite I was referring to earlier.

As we proceed in our studies we find that the Entertainment industry, Television industry, Education industry, Banking industry, War industry, Medical industry, Food industry, Government industry, and the which God to believe in industry have a common thread interweaving, guiding, manipulating, and outright controlling these very important, needed, functions of society. This same thread wove itself through the Bolshevik Revolution, the creation of the Rothschild banking empire, the creation of Israel (on stolen Palestinian land), and the Federal Reserve central banking cartel which is a spoke in the world wide Rothschild owned central banking system. Have you got a fucking clue yet? (insert DUH sound with drool for effect!)

It may seem hopeless but there is good news, even if I withheld the part about the controllers using supernatural occult based means to seal the deal. The good news is in spite of the overwhelming odds, and the powerful control base there is one thing these fuckers are afraid of. YOU! The simple truth is, despite all of the manipulation to frighten and anger you, so you give them the energy source they need, you could end the reign of terror in one second. And you will. The time is coming when you awaken to cast off the self imposed chains of illusion and claim your rightful place in the scheme of unfolding events that ultimately lead to the complete demise of the elite. I can not see the particular events and the sequence of their unfolding. I only know YOU will play the most important role. So relax. Sit back, take your medication as directed, watch your T.V., vote for your favorite asshole, and know that being a mass neutral energy source is the best thing you can do for us all!