Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy America! Thank You Iceland!

Well the wall st. protests are gaining momentum despite efforts to paint them as a bunch of jobless,pot smoking hippies although some are but who cares. I commend all who have the balls to stand up to the banksters and criminal government that serves them. I do not think this will go away anytime soon.

I will always be grateful to the people of Iceland who started this movement of awareness as to those responsible for enslaving humanity in a debt based central banking system that always ends up stripping the wealth and well being of the common man to enrich the lives of the elite few who always seem to be of a particular group who even Jesus himself became enraged with at the temple. You know, the money changers who force usury onto the unsuspecting masses.

As you may be aware, a large part of the problem is the corporate mass media that continues to spew the propaganda of the elite zionist bankers who sit protected in their ivory towers taunting us with their wealth and power. (Spell check insists I capitalize zionist but I don't find them worthy of that distinction!) Well the tide is changing on that front each time the occupy wall st. movement repels an attempt to co-op their movement by some zionist controlled front group.
So far they are doing good. Despite corporate media's attempts to tarnish their message, those who are not subject to the brainwashing understand the true threat to us all today.

We must follow Iceland's lead in throwing out the corrupt government that became slaves to these fascists. We must throw all those involved with the mortgage backed securities fraud and those who run the federal reserve into prison. We must retake our country from these murderous thieves and restore our Republic. It is our only hope for a future. We must continue to drive occupy wall st. into Occupy America and only stop when the job is done. The time has come to take out the trash.

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  1. More and more people are turning aware from the media propaganda machine! There is hope for humanity!