Thursday, January 12, 2012

NDAA, or Learning How To Grow Up

Please forgive, I am a little late on this observation.

On New Years Eve, while the country celebrated the ushering in of 2012, King Obama held a party of his own. It was a quiet little signing party. He proclaimed the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, into being. We of the 99 percent barely let out a whimper. Kiss your rights as a citizen of the United States goodbye. It really doesn't matter though. We were not using them anyway!

Sometimes I get really tired of trying to point out what the assholes of the planet are doing. Most people here in the land of Prozac and Botox don't give a flying shit unless it somehow pierces the armored plating that surrounds what could be loosely considered their brain. That single problem is the biggest problem we face. The assholes can only get away with what we allow them to get away with. We allow a lot. We stand for nothing but destruction and misery. Ask anyone who lives in Iraq. The truly ironic reality is we support this by compliance, and it will happen to us too. The fact is if you support the Federal Government of The United States of America, you support the largest terrorist network on the face of the planet! With the enactment of NDAA into law, now the military can legally lock you up and throw away the key, without trial or even formal charges.

Now the first thought many people still have is "That will never happen to me, I am a law abiding citizen". Well so am I, but I also am very vocal which now is cause enough to provoke scrutiny by the powers that be. Don't get me wrong, I have no skewed sense of value or self worth, (I am not special or better in any way), I am however not afraid to speak power to truth and they do not like that one bit. Especially if you stand for peace and the end to all wars!

The time has come when we all must decide what we empower. Once the line has been drawn there will be no bargaining or pleading that we didn't know. I stand firmly on the ground of love and peace as the main building blocks to a society that flourishes and survives. It should be no mystery why I have such a problem happily living in the middle of this fucked up country. This country has become the biggest breeding ground of totally disconnected people. Disconnected from reality. We are brainwashed, cradle to grave, to never think or question our mighty governments or religions. We are slaves of our own making, embracing a reality that extends no further than our outstretched hand to grasp food to pack in our faces or to grab sexual gratification by whatever means possible, and to hell with any ramifications that come our way.
Well those actions will provide the needed catalyst that will provide the proper situation to learn how to grow the fuck up!

Voices can be silenced. Dissension can be punished. Compliance can be demanded. Movements can be co-opted. Lies can be spread. Perceptions can be manipulated. People can be corrupted. Truth can be buried. Innocent children can be killed. Ethnic groups can be genocided. Planets can be destroyed. However though out all of these atrocities, the human spirit can not be extinguished. We come here to remember what the choice is we must make. If we do not remember it is made for us. Nothing is what it seems. It is a world of smoke and mirrors, which serve only to reflect and project the internal inadequacies that each of us have chosen to come here in order to change. I would say judging on the amount of external catalyst we are doing a swell job reaching that event horizon. (9-11 was just such an event for many!)

So what we have here is 1% dictating how 99% must live, with about 10% aware and trying to do the heavy lifting for the other 89% who are neutral at best, detrimental at worst. I think 10% is an accurate number. I am striving to be a part of the 10%. I hope many of you join me in my endeavor, to speak out and stand up to the 1% plan of enslavement and repression of the 99%.
Fuck their stupid laws! Fuck King Obama and all the other corporate bankster stooges who try to run our country into the ground. We need to simply turn our backs on this whole fucking facade that is our Federal Government! Join me in support of ending all wars of aggression. End the Federal Reserve central bankster system. Do Not Agree to pay back 15 trillion in odious federal debt! They spent it, they owe it! End the one party republicrat run government who serves only the lobbyists who bribe them. Restore constitutional law across the board including freedom of speech! Be a part of the 10% who refuse to fear the government! The rest of the world would greatly appreciate us regaining control of our government and restoring ourselves to the status of most desirable country to live in!


  1. Great reading....!

  2. Agree with the sentiment but what action is it that I'm supposed to take?

  3. Hey Anon, glad you asked. Educating ourselves and others is the vital first step to changing our situation. Once an informed public is established, the leadership will be forced to change along with them. Informed people who are not easily deceived will be respected much more than people who are viewed as sheep!

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    1. Hi Tina, thank you for stopping by and I am very happy you find this information useful. The truth told (to the best of my understanding) has been my only focus of this blog. To help fellow truth seekers shine a light of understanding into the dark little corners of society where the mischievous ones play, will benefit us all! Thank you for your encouragement and kind words.