Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mischief in the Making

Many folks on many levels are warning of March as the month all hell breaks loose. The corporate media has been going on about the threat posed by Iran and Syria. Hell even George Noory, beloved host of Coast to Coast a.m. has jumped on the zio bandwagon! I wonder what his price was? Yes coast fans you have all been sold out to the corporate butcher to be slaughtered in the near future.

The same fucking people are telling the same tired ass lies just like before the Iraq invasion. The same people who brought us the reality changing false flag operation of 9-11 are at it again. Will their blood thirst ever be quenched? Probably not. There is a plan in place. Systematic roll out has been ongoing. They control the issuance of fiat currency, and they control the mass corporate media to pollute your brain with propaganda to support the status quo false left-right republicrat political paradigm. We here in the states have the best government money can buy! The ironic thing is it's the best for them, not us. Look no farther than the NDAA to see the proof!

Look no further than the corporate run death care system. Look at the genetically modified food we are forced to eat by Monsanto. Look at the damage caused by the B.P. disaster. Gee I wonder why Europe is in a deep freeze right now? Look at the largest heist in human history conducted in 2008, and now your beloved Obama says look at the wonderful help I have brought you by making the big corporate banks pay you back for your misery, to the tune of less than a penny per dollar, and no convictions or anyone held accountable for the crimes! Look at the overall crumbling infrastructure of the country all while the war machine rolls on, devouring all the countries who do not support the crippling world banking usury system of enslavement.

You may think, oh boy, what a fucking mess, there is no hope for us. Well that simply is not true at all. More people are now awakening to what is happening here. More people are choosing to stand up and proclaim hell no I will not support this bullshit in any way shape or form. Never underestimate your personal effect on the overall system that is teetering on the edge of ruin.
The fascist dictatorship that has stolen everything that is decent in this world is about to collapse. Watch the mischief makers closely. Tell all your friends and family who are under their spell of brain washing and manipulation to please snap the fuck out of it and wake up to the reality of our situation. They know they are losing. They are terrified of that fact. They should be.
They know their time is short. They are set to fail, just like last time!

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