Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Ops in the Land of Sleep Walkers

Rarely have we seen so many people walking through life as if in a dream. So many just go along to get along, hoping fate deals them a tolerable hand. Not so in Oak Creek Wisconsin yesterday. One of those mindless, heartless, soulless entities walked into a Sikh Temple and killed many innocent people. The second such tragedy to befall this country in the last couple weeks.

The sorrow that these innocent people are experiencing this very moment must be crushing. My heart and prayers go out to these people. Why is it the peaceful innocents are slaughtered? The sadist part of all is both these massacres have all the hallmarks of black operations. No human life means a damn thing to these predators that rule our planet. Make no mistake, there is a war going on behind the scenes that no innocent, kind, compassionate, human being is immune from. The good thing is these loving human beings will not be broken by such an act. It will only strengthen their resolve to love even more.

The battle lines of war are drawn in the spirit world. We are in an age where the Patriarchal Hierarchy is being overthrown by an awakening feminine energy that will soon run the show. We all should be very happy this is happening now. We will receive her gifts of love, compassion and divine intuitive inspiration that will overcome the evil doers who currently rule the planet. For those of us with the eyes to see this we have a very special role right now.

I am a peaceful man and would never advocate any violent act in this physical world. Not even against the predators who are slaughtering us in this moment. However it should be clearly understood in this time and place that they must be eliminated if we are to survive. This problem is a spiritual problem and one we all face. My solution is very simple.

Those of us who understand love know that force is an energy that goes where it is most needed for reasons of demonstration. As we approach a time where great forces beyond the imagination are about to be released in an effort to balance the nature of all things, we should exert special care to be on giving end instead of the receiving end. Trust me. You don't want to dance with this lady unless your motive are nothing but the purest intent of love for ALL people. Such is her nature when she awakens to find the current situation. You will know this once it kicks into high gear.

I find myself at a moment of calm before the storm. I have dedicated my life to bringing about an end to these predators ruling our planet. My grand daughter is precious beyond words, and my grand son an innocent prince. They deserve the right just as all other innocents do, to be themselves in a sate of love, and not fear and hatred. All those poor souls who died in that Temple in Oak Creek deserved the same respect, and understanding. It is with these thoughts that I formally throw my hat into the ring of the spiritual battle with these monsters. My ways are not hate, or violence. I will not engage in this manner. My ways are clearing the largest possible path for her energetic force to find it's way home. In that spiritual action I can be of service to her and all who love. May we all be guided by her in this hour of darkness. Rest assured kind souls, the light will shine bright for us all soon enough.

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