Friday, May 15, 2009

Hitler youth?

Here you go folks! Does this make anyone feel safer? This should terrify every one in the United States. If you will notice the message of who is being demonized in this article. Our veterans! Oh my God! Look you can say what you want about the bullshit wars these people are fighting in. You can make a strong case that some of these people are not exactly the kindest people in the world. (They are trained warriors!) But to target them as the bad guy is just ridicules! Let me ask you, why do you think this is happening? It's happening because your Government knows returning war vets will NOT go alone with arresting, or imprisoning, or killing American citizens. Think about that a minute. Let that sink in, before you dismiss it as bullshit. Look who is behind the training of these Boy Scouts! DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Have any of you checked out how many people are on the no fly list? Have you checked out, the governments own definition of what a possible terrorist could be? If you are a gun owner you could be trouble. If you are talking about the constitution, you could be trouble. If you are a conservative, you could be trouble! Do not take my word for it. Do some investigating for your self! One other thing, to all you police officers out there. Do you think you will be safe because you are administering the muscle behind these bankster thugs? No my friends. Check your history. They are running right down the playbook from every totalitarianistic government in the 20Th century! So I am asking the police to carefully consider, the next time you are dressed in your riot gear, facing your own brothers and sisters who have the balls to stand up to this new world order bullshit, Am I on the right side? Am I one of the good guys? Or am I stomping on the face of society so the ruling elite can continue to rape the unwilling masses? Here you can find an awesome article about our Hitler Youth! The first step to moving beyond all of this is to stand up to it, and send them scouring back into their dark little holes! May we all be blessed with freedom and liberty.......some day!


  1. No further proof is needed that we are sliding into a paranoid cesspool than the man who wrote the song "PEACE TRAIN"- CAT STEVENS, aroused suspicion because his name is now YUSUF ISLAM.
    The fucking NAME of a religion is now grounds to be denied the right to freely travel.

  2. Thank you for trying to wake people up to what is really going on!

  3. Yes, unfortunately he has been a casualty for a long time! Like so many others, that have come before, trying to warn us. I have decided I will no longer be silent! Thank you both for your comments.