Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Price of FEAR!

As the Bilderberg group continues their meetings in Greece, I wonder to myself, what is the price of fear these days. As I drove home from a first grade choir concert tonight a black helicopter flew over us. I looked at my girlfriend and laughed. As I turned the corner I noticed an orange sticker in the upper left hand corner of a road sign, on the back of the sign. At the concert there was a strange feeling in the air. The parents seemed especially enthusiastic about their kids performances. Then in between songs they looked like zombies. Weird. Is it just me? Have years of research into the exact nature of our existence, searching constantly for the truth, left me delusional? I think not. I trust myself today, and my motivation, and most importantly, my gut. There is in our presence a force, a disease so widespread, so malignant, so constant, at every level of life. It tears at the very fabric of our being. It threatens to destroy everything we hold dear on this planet. It has infiltrated every level of society. It has committed the most despicable crimes against humanity, and yet few people know it exists. It has managed to crawl right into our very beings, and controls us from within. It has mesmerized us with promises it never intended on keeping. It paralyzes us in an inability to think. It allows us to be overrun with indifference. It robs us of our most valued possessions. It is of course, fear. However not the kind of fear you might think. Not the fear of death, although many are afraid to die. Not the fear of poverty, although many wish to retain their possessions. Not even the fear of loneliness, although many wish to be loved. No the fear I am speaking of is the fear of who and what we REALLY ARE! Guess what folks? That is the biggest fear of the most powerful, ruling elite! They are completely horrified of the idea that You, the person who thinks there is nothing you can do from stopping the machine of the global elite banksters, will wake up to the realization that not only can you stop them, but YOU, possess, right inside of you, the power to make any reality instantly exist! ANYTHING! It all starts with a very simple journey. Look in the mirror. Who are you? I can assure you. You are not the name given you at birth, or the job you perform diligently, or the religion you practice faithfully. You are much more than those things. You are a wonderful, fantastic, miracle of life, with depths inside of you that equal all of the universe! Look in the mirror. You are so much more than what you see. And remember, if your afraid of dying, your already dead. We all need to wake up to the cause of the horrible reality around us. Look in the mirror!

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