Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I never thought I would say this but, Jesse Ventura is cool. He's not only cool but he's got a lot of guts! watch this here, to see what I mean. Torture, is a nasty little secret that's been around a long time. BushCo didn't invent it, nor are they the first administration to use "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques ". I love the new terminology we have developed. Like the phrase "collateral damage". A cleansing of the lingo as if it makes the acts less heinous also! Give me a fucking break, oh I mean give me an inter coursing break! The fact is it is a reality of what we have become. Like a school yard bully, getting his joly's, pushing the weak around. Well I say, if you don't like what that suggests, it would be a good idea to speak up. Just like speaking up about the fact that, innocent women, and children, are NOT just collateral damage. They are human beings, just like us. The double speak that I see on the idiot box now a days is staggering! So you folks tell me. Is it okay to torture, and rape. Because there is a lot of physical evidence to prove that is going on also. You know the old adage, to rape and pillage. So lets just go back to the dark ages, and have another Inquisition and tell everyone the world is flat. Oh and if you think it's okay for our enemies, guess what? The elite run your government, and in their eyes we are all equal. Equal to carry their yoke of slavery! And the best way to make a slave obey? If you would be interested there is a good article here, about Channey's brand of torture. Happy hunting folks!

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  1. Here are our HONORABLE troops in Iraq, our troops we are so PROUD of
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