Monday, June 8, 2009

Fear or Love

It's really that simple. Be afraid and project fear or love and project that feeling. In it's simplicity comes the difficulty however. In the logical, left brained, rational mind, where most people reside, you would have to be a fool not to be afraid. Turn off the T.V. Get your information from a purer source. Learn to activate your right brain. Creation, intuition, imagination reside there. Within the balance of both hemispheres comes objective thinking. If you don't think for yourself you will only follow others to their conclusions. Most of the fear a person feels comes from believing someone else's programming. Discover your agenda! Take a plunge into your deepest, darkest, hidden desires! The world is what it is. It is a mass projection of every one's intimate, internal, repressions of emotion. Do you feed that insane illusion out there? Or do you take responsibility for your part in creating the mess? Many people will never understand what I'm talking about. You folks will never read this blog long enough to try to understand what I am saying. For those of you who are reading this, know this. The battle is not one out in the world, fighting against all the corruption and hate and control. The battle is won in your heart when you realize the only thing to do is project a deep, strong, vibration of love to the sick, the poor, the deranged, the corrupt, the negatives of the world. That can only be possible if you know who you are. And if you know the true reality of your world. Many will never get to that stage, some will though. You people that have won your own internal battle understand what I am saying. Thank you for sending the love to the world just by being you. That is what will make possible the day when we no longer need be concerned with greed, hate, and fear. Until then the battle must continue, even if it is only an illusion! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! Empower yourself with truth. Take the plunge down the hole! You will feel alive, I guarantee it or double your fear back! Peace to you all, choose love, and always stand with courage for the truth!

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