Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peanut butter and butter sandwiches!

My father used to love eating peanut butter and butter sandwiches. I just started eating them again myself. It reminded me of a special time with him. That was back in the early 70's and he had embarked upon his own search for truth. I remember him fondly considering how the great pyramid of Giza was built. He was amazed by them. He also started reading Chariots of the Gods and God drives a Flying Saucer. I asked if I could read them also, and he said yes. I don't remember having many conversations with him but it sparked my curiosity beyond most ten year olds of that time. Then suddenly, he stopped reading or questioning all these things. I would try to have different conversations with him but he never had much to say and I could tell he was uncomfortable. I never did understand that. He died 12-21-05 very suddenly, unexpectedly. I was fortunate enough to be there, kissing his forehead, telling him I loved him, and telling him not to worry about anything. I am grateful for that final moment with him. It was a moment I will never forget. I needed to be there for him. He finally knew how much I appreciated all he meant to me, and how much he taught me, and the best gift he gave me. The honor of watching him grow into a wonderful, loving, man. I miss him of course. He had a fantastic sense of humor, and was always the first to laugh at his own being! He had a way of making you feel comfortable and welcome. I hope he is approving of me today. I hope he sees what I have become and he sees all the ways he had a hand in helping me! So this peanut butter and butter sandwich is for you dad! Thanks for everything you did for us!

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  1. Maybe he wanted you to figure out the mystery on your own. Or, maybe he found out something that rattled him?