Friday, June 26, 2009

Here We Go!

This is getting hot and heavy fast! Check this out. There is a link to a phone conversation, where a concerned citizen is told, “That’s constitutional, there’s no doubt about it….mandatory vaccinations are legal under the Supreme Court….absolutely.”

A 1905 supreme court case; Jacobson v Massachusetts is cited as the legal ground for the constitutional right of the federal government to force people to accept poison to be shot in their veins! All they have to do is Declare an emergency. This is a done deal folks. We must stand up to this forced injection plan en mass now! This is SO IMPORTANT! Please pass this along to all your friends and family, and please do not by into the bullshit of federally mandated genocide! LOOK AT THE FACTS OF ALL VACCINATIONS!!!! PLEASE DON'T ACCEPT POISON VACCINES!!!

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