Friday, June 26, 2009

Putting Some Pieces Together Pt. 1

In case you haven't noticed, I am a little wound up about this swine flu bullshit. I am going to start to try to put some pieces together to try to show how interconnected the events are, we are experiencing. I have shown some evidence in past posts how flu outbreaks, in the past, were not what we were told they are. There is a nice interconnected web of participants who like to operate under the pretext of caring about humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is my fondest wish to have you research and carefully consider the dangers of accepting a H1N1 swine flu shot.

I will start by sharing a little information I found on the, newly appointed, Director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). As you may or may not know President Obama appointed Dr, Thomas Frieden as Director of the CDC in May. What the A.P. article does not tell you is that Frieden, is a member of the EIS (Epidemic Intelligence Service). What the hell is that? I had never heard of such a government organization. I think it is pretty damn important to understand just what they do.

The Epidemic Intelligence Service is a branch of the CDC. Some people like to think of EIS as sort of a CSI of the bio terror world. Others paint a slightly different picture. This article, written by Bryan Ellison, for Spin Magazine in 1993 gives an inside look into the organization. The organization had 2000 members at the time (over 3000 members now) and poses incredible power and control over what information is released about diseases and other threats. The organization reserves the right to call all past and present members into service in the event of an emergency. As the article states, they are the CIA of health care. The group has international members also.

As is pointed out in the above article, it is the EIA who was the driving force behind the 1976 swine flu debacle. As Mr. Ellison summed up in the last paragraph of his article, " The era of infectious diseases in the industrialized world, the age when most people died of tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, or polio, ended long ago. But the EIS, a relic of the past, has grown ever larger in its membership and influence. Its clandestine methods and near invisibility have allowed the CDC to virtually manufacture epidemics, and to make the whole process appear spontaneous. Now, as AIDS and the EIS moves into the '90s, some members are beginning to privately mourn the fat days of the mid- to late '80s, when AIDS research dollars flowed most freely from government coffers. Once again, the EIS may soon be forced to justify its existence to Congress in order to finance its ambitious program of centralized public health surveillance. Cloaked in science, the EIS's agenda threatens to expand public health controls over private beliefs and life-styles. Healthy suggestions are one thing; exploiting hysteria to impose emergency powers is quite another". One piece of evidence to this end is the anti-smoking campaign embraced by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the new CDC director, also interestingly enough, timed to coincide with the tobacco reform legislation the President just signed into law.

If this is actually the case, the 2009 swine flu outbreak takes on a different view, along with the presidents choice for Director of CDC. Here is another bit of information, from the book,Positively False, written by Joan Shenton. Interestingly, in the book, the symbol for the EIS was a pair of shoes with holes in the soles to signify hard, investigative work. Some how that morphed into the new symbol, a foot print on the north American continent! (The symbol appears on the right side of the page, towards the bottom.) WTF? YEAH! Their gonna stomp the shit outa us!

The above video is produced by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I think it speaks for itself. The first images we see are the words, We remember, superimposed over pictures of the destruction of 9-11. Then the words, and we said, How did this Happen? What if it happened again? Then photos of hurricane Katrina destruction. Then the words, Would we be prepared?
Propaganda works mostly by attaching emotional response to the information they are trying to impart. In this case fear. Along with the suspenseful music in the background. Then they bring out an "Expert" to tell you the bad news. You need the "Expert" because he knows what he is talking about. In this case, a doctor. He tells us we are not prepared to deal with more events such as those, that we fell back into complacency. Then another so called "Expert" a Ph. d no less, comes out and says we are more ready then we were, but because of budget cuts we will be less ready next year.

Enough blow by blow, you get the picture. The Ph. d in the video is Jeff Levi, executive director for Trust for Americas Health. They are a non profit organization who get their primary funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. These two organizations are important because they are the driving forces behind stoking the fear surrounding the H1N1 swine flu hysteria. Trust for Americas Health has also put out a series of pamphlets entitled, "It's Not the Flu As Usual". The whole point of all of this is to try and frighten everyone into taking the pandemic flu vaccine.

Jim Marks appears a little later in the video, he is Sr. VP. of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This would all be fine and dandy, when you first look at these groups you think, ok, they are trying to do some good things, which they are in some cases. Until you look at the board of trustees for RWJF. First thing to JUMP out is James R. Gavin who also happens to sit on the board of Baxter Int. BINGO! The same Baxter that shipped out live h5n1 virus in their vaccines to 18 different countries around the world, and no one said shit about it! Nothing on mainstream media, nothing said from the government, nothing! Not even a lousy fine for unsafe lab practices! WTF?

Some of the rest of the trustees have all different connections to many other corporations and lots of cross board sitting between banks and pharmaceuticals. Surprise, surprise. And of course connections to every one's favorite insurance company, A.I.G.! So it's business as usual. Create a huge problem, while making money, provide the solution, while making more money! All the while killing off a few million people or so. All in a days work for the controllers!

In part 2 I will go into the vaccine manufacturers, who they are, and some odd connections they have. Till next time, be well, and be blessed! And PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE THE POISON VACCINES!!!

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  1. They just announced on CTV NEWSNET that Swine Flu testing in Ontario will be "brought into line" with "the rest of the country" - no more testing of "the public at large", only people whom they decree that exhibit "flu-like symptoms" because it was "producing too many false positives". Here where I live, there are 4 cases, 5,000 in all of Ontario. The local "Acting Medical Officer Of Health", Dr David Colby was quoted this week as saying;
    "No need to FEAR A PANDEMIC" and went on to discuss his main concern - smoking on outdoor patios.