Monday, June 15, 2009

National Security

After reading president Obama has appointed another Czar, Kenneth Feinburg, he's the Czar of deciding the pay scales of executives who receive government bail out money, I started thinking about the promised, transparency of this administration. transparency gives us all a chance to know what the hell is going on with our government. I'm not bashing him but I am sometimes saying, what the fuck dude! Look, I'm not an expert, I don't have any fancy initials in front of my name, but I do read a tremendous amount of information on a daily basis. I have studied many different subjects. I have learned a lot about what makes this place tick. I am even still holding out hope that, in the long run, Obama will pull a JFK, and be a real man, and stand up to the ruling elite. I realize that in order to do that, he must play the game and be very smart, pick and choose his battles, and bide time until the old paradigm is dismantled. Time will tell, if he is a white hat or not. The point is, secrecy promotes power over others. Power over others promotes control and oppression. I truly believe that there are factions, within the government, vieing for control. My confidence is waning. Under the last administration, National Security became the main reason given for not releasing information. I'm sure there was legitimate reasons for some withholding, but certainly not all. How much illegal activity is hidden under the guise of national security? More than we dare imagine, I'm afraid. You see, secrets, as I said, promote power. Power is achieved over us by control of information. Control of information is mind control. They have developed a system that is almost perfect in it's ability to keep us from truth. If that's not tyrannical oppression I don't know what is. I know what some of you are thinking. That has been going on for thousands of years, dumb ass! I know it has, but I don't remember being around at its inception, or I'm sure I would have had a lot to say about it. I've probably been killed hundreds of times for flapping my yap! Ha! If that's the case, I STILL DON'T CARE!! Did you know that a web based DoD test, asks a specific question regarding lawful dissenters. Oh by the way it is still LEGAL to disagree with some one, you just must be more diplomatic in this age of political correctness. The question asks which of the following is a form of terrorism. The correct answer is protests are a form of "soft" terrorism! What? The California ACLU sent a letter to the DoD, demanding this be rectified. Our trusted police forces, national guardsman, first responders, and Homeland Security forces are being trained that protests are a form of low level terrorism! If your okay with that go back to sleep, I'll wake you when it's over! Here is link to the full article. Our National Security is becoming a catch all, Orwellian force, that is gaining frightening strength every day. Couple in Obama's call for a civilian military force, to answer to homeland security and I get chills up my spine. I'm am still hanging on to hope, but I'm running out quickly! Hopefully, I'm just paranoid, but I don't think so. What have YOU got to worry about? You would never protest against your government, would you? YOU trust them don't YOU? Good luck with that, citizen.

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  1. Hamlet's "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" soliloquy
    in Orwellian Newspeak by J.A. Lindon:

    Person or unperson. Query.
    Unbellyfeel Ingsoc, oldthink, ownthink,
    Or Ingsoc foolthink doubleplusungood
    Own unlife bellyfeel, make self unlifer,
    Unperson, unofficial. (PENALTY: JOYCAMP)
    Only unwake: become unlifer. (FOOLTHINK)
    Unwake, and thusby unperform our Ingsoc duty
    Unwake: become unlifer.
    Unwake — ungoodwise dream (PLUS-CERTAINFUL
    Yes, there is the unsmoothness –
    Correctful treatment in the Miniluv,
    Post fail-maked self unlifer with a cord,
    Is allsuch stopful — yes, there is the reason
    We still goodwise perform our Ingsoc duty
    Until we're vaporized, although (CRIMETHINK)
    Unbellyfeeling Ingsoc and Big Brother,
    The Junior Anti-Sex League, rationed goods,
    Sternness of Inner Party and its just
    And ungood "watch and query" note on us,
    We seemcould oldthink "free" perhaps become
    With a bigneedle. (FOOLTHINK) Who would work,
    Prolewise and sweatful, doubleplusunfresh,
    For Ingsoc if he bellyfeeled to know
    Correctful treatment in the Miniluv
    That joyful place from which so few return,
    And those how bigwise changed? Plusgooderwise
    We live goodthinkful til some Spy reports us,
    And WAR (against the Party) brings NO PEACE
    Inside the Miniluv till we become
    Unpersons (now OFFICIAL). But unhard!
    The clingful and face-crimewise-good-to-see
    Ophelia! Joysexful girl, forget
    My many faults in your Two Minutes Hate!