Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Twenty years ago! No one knows for sure how many died that day. A brutal display of power. The government of China unleashed its military on the protesters. And just yesterday it was announced China bought the Hummer line from GM as they declared bankruptcy. Why is it our government is so close with the Chinese government when they are clearly a communist dictatorship who slaughters any form of dissension. Could it be that our government doesn't really give a shit about human rights or citizen's rights? No shit eh? I think what you see in China is the official prototype government for the new world order. Welcome to reality kids. Now I'm sure there are many who think that what I just said is utter bullshit. How many thought GM and Chrysler would go bankrupt? Chrysler incidentally was taken over by Fiat. If you take a look at the Bilderberg roll call list you will find the c.e.o. of Fiat there. Interesting. Twenty years ago if I told you a group of international bankers where going to dismantle every major labor union and completely scrap the whole countries manufacturing sector you would have thought I was crazy. Or that your tax dollars would be spent on corporate welfare to bail out filthy rich bakers while jobs were being lost at the rate of over 500,000 a month average and nobody would say a god damned word about it, you would have really thought I was crazy, yet here we are. So why then is it such a stretch to think our government will and are going to turn on us just like Tiananmen square? Are you aware your children are starting to be taught how to identify a terrorist at school? Are you aware that if you speak out against your governments criminal actions you will be considered a terrorist? Are you aware your president is pandering to other countries right now, while he is on his I'm sorry we were such assholes tour around the world, while he increases military slaughter (Just like China) and would have no problem turning the military and law enforcement on us if we collectively voiced our displeasure of losing our jobs or being forced to watch our country be taken over by other countries (outsourcing). Or if we get mad because it takes a wheel barrow of money to by a loaf of bread? (hyperinflation coming to a neighborhood near you) Oh that's right, I'm sorry, the economy is getting better now. Do you really believe what they tell you on tv anymore? Can't you see through the bullshit they dish out? Or do you just want to be left alone, not bothered and everything will be alright? If you do I understand. But, they will not leave us alone. And if we try to raise up, they will squash us like bugs, and imprison those of us who don't lick their boots like good little compliant citizens. As is been said many times before, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees! So as you remember the horrors of Tiananmen don't think for one second it could never happen here! GM! The largest corporation in the history of our country to declare bankruptcy! Oh I mean restructuring, that's what we say now. For the good of the country you know! BULLSHIT!!!


  1. Twenty years ago I was ridiculed as crazy because I warned that Brian Mulroney and the FREE TRADE DEAL was going to export jobs to Asia, and decimate our manufacturing industries.
    Right now in Canada, they've jacked up the Free Trade rhetoric out of concern that the general public will finally catch on to "THE ROYAL SCAM" (to quote Steely Dan - that song has been playing in my head a LOT lately)
    Another line of bullshit being peddled here is "how much more efficient the private sector is", in an unsubtle attempt at brainwashing the populace into believing that we should hand over the reins to the Corporations( are GM and AIG examples of how well-run the NEW WORLD ORDER will be ?)

    Excellent post, un-restructured Brother

  2. Dau Gee! Why no one see! We are not free!