Sunday, July 12, 2009

99 Ways To Die

As you can see our military has used experimental weapons on numerous occasions. Depleted Uranium is another hot topic, and there is evidence it is being used in Iraq as well. Google Depleted Uranium for more information. Many soldiers have suffered from this as well.

Another disturbing trend is talk of using the new micro wave technology for crowd control. As you may or may not know, your constitutional right to peacefully assemble is under attack. The government has spent a lot of time working out the details on how to quell crowds. I think they are expecting an increase of protesting and demonstrations against the government. The use of these new crowd control weapons is disturbing to say the least. Google Active Denial System, and learn the horrifying truth about how the powers that be, plan to put down any demonstration in this country. It is considered a non lethal weapon. It causes intense pain and would be extremely effective in disbanding a crowd. How much trust do we have giving these psychopaths a pain weapon? The last time I checked, the military was taking possession of 13 of these units.

With all their talk of domestic terrorists, as I have posted in the past about the watch list of domestic terrorists, including but not limited to, Ron Paul supporters, Tax protesters, right wing Conservatives, any one concerned with the Constitution, and dissenters in general, if you oppose them they consider you a threat. Also throw in the advent of Obama's call for a citizen militia, to quell all of these domestic terrorists, us see the federal government is amassing an army to fight against it's own people. If this does not disturb you consider this. When the swine flu frenzy breaks out in the fall, the first thing they will do is outlaw public gatherings. Interesting timing, which by the way, should co-inside with a complete economic collapse.

I could be wrong about all of this, and I hope I am. Time and time again the plans of the ruling elite have been delayed or scrapped all together once their cover of darkness is cast into the light for the people to see. The only thing required for evil to exist, is for good people to do nothing about it. Pas the word. Encourage open, honest conversations about what is happening. They have always relied on stealth and surprise to pull off their agenda. Remember, they have decided to crash the economy, release a bio-warfare agent, and attack the last people on the planet, who still have the where with all to stand up to them. We are the last hope against the New World Order. If they take us down, the world is theirs. Then you will see what it means to be a slave in their New World Order. Get off your knees, America, and stand on your feet again!

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