Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Sorry, The Truth Sucks!

I hate to say this, I really do, I am a optimistic person. Hard to believe, isn't it? Even in my optimism I can honestly say, things will never be the same for us. Why do I say this? Let me elaborate.

We are in the midst of a slow motion, catastrophic, break down of society. The proof is everywhere.
#1). The Economy
As we all know by now the economy has turned south on us. We are in what most people call a recession. It is characterized by less jobs available, rising costs, and little credit available. What caused it? Most people blame the housing industry, saying sub prime mortgages are the main culprit. Yes and no. Sub primes were the first step in the housing bubble breaking. We have yet to reach the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, steps of the economic breakdown.

The 2nd, step will be the explosion of not so prime loans, that aren't as bad as sub prime, not as good as prime. There are actually more of these type of loans then sub prime loans. They will start to reset at higher interest rates late 2009 into 2010. When this happens the sub prime fiasco will look quite tame in it's results. This will then officially begin the depression. The mistake every one is making is trying to compare this financial disaster to others in the past. Stop doing that. There is no comparison. This is completely uncharted territory.

First off there has never been a time in our past where there was not some sort of goods or food that we produced that we could sell to the world in order to rebound from a recession/depression. We have no industry, we are not producing much food. As evidenced by 70% of our Gross national product, or GNP, is created from consumer spending. Secondly, all past melt downs were created only to transfer money from one class to another, always with the intention of rebuilding the economy to do it again. This time the goal is total collapse in order to assume complete control over the lower classes. Third, there has never been an outright, pilfering of the public's coffers like we have seen last year, when private banks who were deemed, to big to fail, were bailed out at tax payer's expense. The whole point of giving these banks all this money was so they would loan it. There are not. There are hanging on to it all because they know we are nowhere near the bottom (they know this because they created the ponzi lending schemes that got us into this mess to start with). They preyed upon the ignorance of the public, and are now doing it again by blaming them for getting into such debt. Your government, and your baking system are flat out broke. The only thing keeping the breath in their lungs is controlling the paper, fiat, money system that the globe runs on. That will change very soon. Then the bottom of the hole will rush into view very quickly. A event not recommended for the faint of heart.

#2) The Rule of Law.
As our system has given certain individuals power over others, as they are given powers of governance, and enforcement of laws, and dispatching judgement of laws, we have had to trust they will also abide by said laws. Absolute power has corrupted absolutely. So many examples of our corrupt justice system abound it is mind boggling as where to begin.

Our country has by far more people incarcerated then any other industrialized nation on the planet. A very obvious result of the ridicules WAR ON DRUGS! Thousands of people have been thrown in prison for marijuana, with completely unjust prison sentences, while legalized drug dealers or the pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of dollars a year, getting society hooked on way more damaging drugs than marijuana. This is a unjust law that costs states millions a year in expense. Marijuana has clinical proof of having medicinal value. It has been proven to be non addictive, and is not a "Gateway" drug as many have said. Legalization would create billions in revenue, and I will say society would be a lot more laid back. You might think I smoke it. I do not, but do not think it would be bad to release ALL of the non violent marijuana users who are locked up in prison!

The WAR ON TERRORISM, has broke the rule of law so much it is like a revolving door, and continues to this day. The constant assault on our rights, which we no longer have, and actually lost a long time ago, continue on and on. Under the guise of security they watch every move we make. We are being monitored more today then ever. We are one "EVENT" away from out right policed society, through the declaration of martial law. Once they boldly move on our last remaining freedoms, there is only one choice left for us.

They lied us into wars, over and over again. They try to convince us that torture is ok, they have been doing it for a long time. They pass ridicules laws that we must abide by. Yet they have no intention of living with themselves. They cannot even live the simple moral code our forefathers left with us not so long ago. People used to have pride in their honesty and prudence, and just a simple, just way of living life. A man would seal a deal with his word. His word meant everything to him. We seldom see such morals today, even contracts are loaded with fine print to excuse someone from a moral obligation. Those of a truly conservative nature are just in their outlook. However conservatism in government means just the opposite, and liberalism within earshot of communism. The simple reality we live in is a constant assault on every thing we were taught as being just or right, perpetrated on us by those who claim to teach us, lead us, and inspire us.

#3) Spiritual decay of society
As a result of these constant deceptions it is no wonder rule of law does not prevail. People who look to others to lead them, follow by example. The herd mentality has been efficiently taught and mastered by the public. Regurgitation of the empire's facts coupled with the populace being well entertained leads to a death of core creativity necessary for societies growth and well being. And needed for a well informed, independent, self correcting, society, that never lets anyone get too big for their britches. Especially its leaders, who should always lead by example, rather than drive by mandate. The whole entire point of this forced collapse is to make us look to a global saviour for our problems. We have been set up for it for many years. We need to have a global system in place, where everybody is friends and we all rely on each other. They even have a religion for us. Its called the new age. A global awakening of mankind where every one is connected and, as long as you don't think anything negative or bad, you are welcome. Step right up, one size fits all and the global governing system? Look to China to see how they operate. Their Utopian government where everyone behaves and no one is different or creative or thinking for themselves. It's ok, they will do all that for you, just OBEY! Welcome to paradise!!

What we must realize is that our reality has been carefully planned and crafted to test and challenge us as much as possible, so we can learn the spiritual lessons necessary to continue in our evolution as spiritual beings. There are as many levels of being as their are people. We are sharing this place together in this moment. Challenges will abound with some wonderful solutions as well as some horrible ones. We will move on through the difficulties. We will change as a result. We will never be the same. Ever again. The optimism for me is, it doesn't mater if I win or lose in this game. It only matters how I play the game. As a result of a complete, systematic breakdown, we will have the opportunity to create, from anew, a system of existence that has honesty instead of deceit at the core of being. I look forward to that day!

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