Saturday, July 11, 2009

China Passes U.S.

China passes U.S. auto market in first-half sales. What? I thought all of our industrial jobs were shipped over to China because they were paying such shitty wages to their workers. Someone is making money over there. Oh and GM, sales in China rose 38% from last year! Imagine that.
Bankrupt G.M., who screwed over American workers, are doing just fine in China. Ah you gotta love this global economy. Meanwhile Obama contemplates another relief package because the first one wasn't big enough. Guess who pays? Meanwhile many thousands lose good paying jobs to be replaced by low paying, shitty jobs with no benefits and little job security. Oh thank you master, for the wonderful job, I'm just happy to be a member of the working poor! Get off your knees America! Stand on your feet and reclaim your country before nothing is left to reclaim! OHHHH, how do we do that, they whine in unison? Start by not feeding the master that keeps you enslaved. Do not fund the illegal federal reserve bank! Do not buy shit on credit. Stop using their little devices that keep you in servitude. Get out of debt. Stay out of debt. Live below your means so they don't get all your money, through taxes or interest. That's the first step. Also talk to people and inform them of the criminal federal reserve banking system that is robbing us blind! Organize. We must set aside our stupid left/right bickering and become united again, to be able to stand up to these murdering thieves! GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!!

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