Saturday, July 11, 2009

Engineering Jobless Rates Are Sky High

Back when the powers that be were trying to convince us how good a GLOBAL ECONOMY would be for everyone, one of the main things they told us was only the shitty jobs that no one wanted to do would be shipped out of the country. We were told all high tech jobs would stay put. YEAH RIGHT! I gotta alien in my basement and all you need to do is send me 5oo dollars and I will......You get the point! Here is proof of all this bullshit! See the writing on the wall yet? Or are ya gonna keep your heads buried in the sand. Oh, if you stand on your feet, instead of being on your knees you can keep your head up top where you can see what is going on. It is not a nice view always, but you can breathe at least! Good luck!

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  1. A really insightful book on NAFTA & "Free" Trade was written by Linda McQuaig, it's called "Shooting The Hippo". She describes how the Corporate Masters of the world economy really only wanted the freedom to be able to operate in an international capacity, where no individual country could impose any laws or restrictions on them. It was NEVER about creating jobs in ANY country, they have utterly no regard for the workers or consumers anywhere, we are but mere pawns.