Friday, July 17, 2009

The Exact Nature

Divide and conquer is the most efficient method to weaken the opposition. This method has been enacted upon all of humanity for thousands of years. It has never been more obvious then today. The control grid is almost flawless. The end result of constant attention to detail. Where the handlers lack any understanding of empathy or concern for our well being, they more than make up for it with their vast knowledge of human behavior.

By constantly manipulating our environment, they change our perceptions of the parameters that dramatically affect, if not directly shape, our view of our world. It is through their created paradigm that all social rules evolve, very often from very deceptive means. Almost every aspect of society is under the influence of these parasitic control freaks. Technological advances have increased, in direct proportion their ability to create the invisible walls that are closing in on us, each day. As constricting as the pressure is, for most people, it is vital to awakening them to the exact nature of their reality.

They have maintained their control by intentionally stunting our growth. Their designed paradigm, a complex labyrinth of ever increasing, complex levels of illusions. The only way to see this is to question the validity of life itself here at this moment. The fact is, life ends, and begins at every moment. Once you sign on, your in for a completely unique experience, directly proportional to your level of being. My job is to help you strip away the superficial, self inflicted, controlled paradigm, to realize at a deeper level, how powerful and magnificent you really are.

Every single person on the planet is directly responsible for our shared reality. We all contribute to it's empowerment, we all add to it's decline. We are in a constantly shifting sea of consciousness, that ebbs and flows, through natural laws, as old as the universe itself. The more you understand the interconnected relationship between us all, the more you realize the role that the ruling elite play, in controlling and manipulating us. They are preforming a vital role in our evolutionary process, for we will either realize the lessons to be learned by being imprisoned, thus freeing ourselves from their grasp, or we continue to live by their warped inconsistencies, that will eventually consume us, to the point of being forced to return, time and time again, until we liberate ourselves, once and for all. Their rule over us, through their hidden mental prison, is the most important lesson to learn.

The process is one of slow, steady growth. The path is full of AHA! moments that keep you moving forward, in between the bouts of pain, sadness, and despair. Try to accept these challenges with grace and ease. The more you just feel these moments and try not to resist or cover them up, the smoother the transition process becomes. We are in a battle to unify ourselves. That is why you see all of the conflict in the world. It is simply a holographic representation of our inner conflict. We all have it to some degree, or we wouldn't be here in this moment.

My intent is simply to try and systematically dissolve the hidden prison we are confined by. The first step is to realize it exists. I don't think you can do that by denying the broken world that surrounds us. I think it is wise to accept and embrace what is being withheld from us. We have the power within us to make the internal change, thus creating a world where there would be no need for a ruling elite, who have their own spiritual needs that are not being fulfilled. If we would stand up to them, helping them to realize we are as worthy as they are, they would be able to change also. Their intellect and technology, coupled with our understanding and love, would change the world in a moment. That, my friends, is one of the most liberating solutions for all of us. Not a world wide government. Not a world wide monetary system. Not a world wide religion.

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