Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flu Video Contest

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Bilderberg member in good standing, announces a contest to make a flu video, educating the public about swine flu! First prize is 2500 dollars (125 dollars in pre-federal reserve money) and their video aired on T.V. Oh boy, our tax money used to run a video contest, yeah! They really do think we are stupid. I think that could be their undoing, underestimating our ability to actually think for ourselves!

What the fuck is going on in this joke of a government? We are supposed to be scared shitless of their killer swine flu virus, meantime the Secretary of Health is running a video contest! Is it just me, does any one else think this is fucking ridicules? I mean come on, at least make it somewhat believable that they care for are well being (yeah right). We are supposed to have transparency of government but this is ridicules. This would be laughable except for the eugenic agenda in play.

Please wake up and pass the message to not accept the poisonous vaccine. We must take a stand on this!

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  1. Yesterday (july 19th) Health Canada announced that they would no longer be tracking the progress of the disease- it would be up to concerned individuals to find out the information for odd!!