Friday, July 24, 2009

My Government Loves ME......

My government loves me, as long as I don't disagree with them, if I do, and decide to demonstrate that with a group of my fellow countrymen here's what awaits me! If that don't get me there is always the riot police. I have never once advocated the use of violence to affect change. However as so many peaceful demonstrations have proven, they will crush dissent, any way they can.
These new, non lethal, crowd control weapons make me sick to the depths of my soul. I think we owe it to ourselves to try and protect ourselves. I will learn more about these things. For every measure to enslave and control there are counter measures. These are very sick people. We should actually take pity on them, for they are going to be paying a horrible price much longer then we will.
They consider me a terrorist you know. I support Ron Paul, I believe in our constitution, and I know the federal reserve needs to be abolished, along with fractional reserve banking. Plus, the thing that makes me more dangerous then anything is I tell the truth about them!
My government loves me, they are going to protect me from the terrorists, and save me from the swine flu, and make sure I have health care, and preserve my rights as a sovereign human. Gee I'm so lucky!

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