Friday, July 24, 2009

Watch This!

I post these things because as you watch your nightly news on television you are not being told what is really happening. The same people behind the federal reserve, are the same people who own the television and the print media. All news comes exclusively through AP News and Reuters.
Reuters owns AP. You will not be told that the federal reserve is a privately owned bank, which is a part of a global banking system. Your tax dollars are funding the new world order! These are the exact same people who are pushing all the swine flu hysteria in the news. The Bilderberg group, with the council on foreign relations, and the trilateral commission, make up the ruling elite, who through the United Nations, World Health Organization, and Nato are destroying the dollar in order to push their new world currency.
In this years Bilderberg meeting in Greece, it was decided to destroy the United States economy, and use the swine flu as a means to exert further control by declaring a pandemic in order to force vaccinations of poison in order to further weaken our ability to resist them. This is not a game. This is real.
On Monday the United States will conduct week long Department of Homeland Security- Fema- Nato, joint terrorist exercises. Read about it, here.
There is evidence everywhere about how they have planned for years. From fluoride in the water to dumb us down, to controlling what the schools teach us, to mass indoctrination of giving our rights away to be safe from terrorists. They create the problems and then provide the solutions. They run the show, from making you think the left right political system gives you a choice, to providing you with a religion to save your soul, cause your ass belongs to them. Even the air you breathe is being laced with chemicals to lower your natural resistance to their lab created bio weapon, known as the swine flu. They are starting their indoctrination propaganda with trying to frighten you into jabbing your children, the most helpless and weakest, with their poison! Wake up people. The time is coming to resist in mass. We must stand up to them and refuse the bullshit or we will be further enslaved. Get off your knees, and stand on your feet, with pride and dignity, and the demand to be treated as such. Lets send these evil little critters scurrying to their holes for once and for all.
Please awaken from your slumber and look beyond their lies and deceit. Look past how they try to divide us with fake political parties who both answer only to them. Look past how they try to divide us by creating false prejudices amongst us. Look past how the try to divide us by our religious choice be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish or what ever your choice.
Know this one simple truth. They are moving as fast as they can because the are terrified because we are waking up to their little plan of world wide dominance and population reduction. They are afraid because they know. Their time is limited. Soon all of us will realize the truth about this tiny number of very sick, twisted people who have brought so much pain and suffering to so many. They know that soon, we will mature, and stand up and take control of our own lives as we declare we no longer need them to enslave us anymore. That is a spiritual awakening. Taking back responsibility, that we gave away so long ago.

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