Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here is My Email!

To whom it may concern at the White House,
I am sending you this email in response to the White House Blog Post, Facts are Stubborn Things. It appears that you are asking for citizens to turn in others, who have opposing viewpoints to the proposed Health Care program. I have decided to make you aware of my own viewpoints, which can be viewed at my blog Down in a Hole.

My concern is you are attempting to silence opposing views. If my concern is accurate, some action will take place. I am completely supportive of any and all honest attempts to reveal the truth of our current situation. Many things are not as they seem. I do firmly believe that my Blog posts are grounded in truth and facts. If anyone can disprove, with verifiable facts, that anything I have posted is a lie, I would be more than happy to post a retraction with a complete explanation and apology for any misunderstanding. From what I see, the truth of our collective situation, will never be exposed on television or in main stream news. The folks who own the media, also own you. There are many of us who know that. Lyndon LaRouche, and Ron Paul, just to name a couple of people. More of us understand the insane actions you are taking to destroy us then you realize. We are normal people who are awakening to the obvious truth of the corruption and genocidal plans you are enacting. We number in the millions. We don't want to hurt you. We just want you to stop trying to control us and kill us. Not all of us are mesmerized by the television, or are completely dumbed down by fluoride, or are too busy being entertained to not notice what you are doing.

My intent in sending this email is simple. PROVE to me my observations are wrong. I will be the first in line to support you. You can do this by following these simple suggestions.

1. Throw the Federal Reserve system out! Set up a constitutional, congressional backed credit system, we can no longer afford to pay interest to your world banking buddies. Also create a credit system pact with China, India, Russia, they need us as much as we need them.

2. Using the credit system create viable, long term infrastructure projects to create a future for our grand children.

3. Truly reform health care by throwing out the HMOs and insurance companies and return to the system that worked before the corporate leeches had their way with us.

4. Come clean with the true intent of lab created Swine flu virus and stop pushing the vaccines which you know will harm us. Have you read the charges filed by Jane Burgermiester? Did you do anything when Baxter shipped live avian flu virus to other countries, mixed in with the vaccine? Do you really think we trust you or the World Health Organization? Why should we, because the television tells us too? Should we really believe you have our best interests at heart?

5. Stop being the bulldogs of the British Empire by policing the planet with our military bases, and rescind all acts which are unconstitutional such as the Patriot Act. We know what that is really all about.

6. Release the stranglehold on the alternative, free energy systems, so the illusion of scarcity you project, in order to control us by fear, can cease and desist, once and for all.

7. Ban all modified food, and the corporate control that is involved.

Finally, break the obvious love affair with the huge corporations, including the world bankers, as Fascism will never win in the end. Rule of law, once again should prevail. Not your idea of it, where citizens are thrown in jail on trumped up charges and the blatant, obvious criminals are free to run the show! We see your corrupt judicial system. We are the eye at the top of the pyramid!
Remember, we are loving, kind people. We number in the millions. We don't seek to hurt you, we only ask you to stop hurting us, stop oppressing us, stop killing us. If you do the right things we will be the greatest nation, and will be able to share our freedom and liberty with the rest of the planet. Just like our founding fathers envisioned. ALL of us ILLUMINATED, not just a chosen few. If you choose to stick to your plan, of order out of chaos, it will surely backfire on you. I trust you know that. Thank you for your time, and please check out my blog, through the link below. Have a great day.
Most sincerley, Doug A. Layman, not DOUG A. LAYMAN.
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