Friday, August 7, 2009

Here and Now

Just a couple of thoughts to share today. We are living in fascinating times. Never before have we been at a juncture of possibilities that are truly staggering to the senses. It should become quite clear that the high stakes game of living has never been more interesting.

If you follow my blog you understand a few things. You know how I feel about the importance of understanding what is happening to us. Knowledge of the game is vital to learning the lessons from the experience. My interpretation is we our stuck here in a sort of, illusion, or paradigm constrained prison of the mind, not too much unlike The Matrix. The agents in the movie would be the Illuminati of our world. The interesting thing is, much to the contrary of mounds of evidence, many people do not believe they exist. Much of this can be attributed to their watching television and believing the programing that is occurring, without their knowledge. You can not see it. You can not feel it. But you know it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It shapes all of your thoughts, dictates how you feel, tells you how to react in certain situations.

Now obviously the programming is not that cut and dry with all people. We are all in various states of awareness. Some people are still delusional in the idea that government exists to assist us in our lives. While it is true, there are individuals that are dedicated to the well being of their fellow man, the overall structure has become compromised and corrupt. This simple fact is what I believe is necessary to understand to correct the problems. For how can we prevent the ship from sinking if we can not identify the cause of the gaping hole in the hull, or even get people to believe there is a hole in the hull. Maybe the ship must sink and we need to build a new one.

There will undoubtedly come a time when the ship will be beyond repair and when it goes down, it will take many people with it. Most likely the people who have been programmed not to see the hole or feel the water rising inside. There are such unfortunates. They will refuse to evacuate to the life boats, because of their unwavering belief the ship is unsinkable.

Enough with the Titanic analogy. The Illuminati do exist and are enacting their plans. They have been for over 230 yrs. You must understand, they are very patient. They will spend a generation or more just achieving one aspect of the overall plan. For instance, it was 123 years from the time of infiltration of the masonic temples in America (1790) until the time of controlling the country's monetary system in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act. Then once they achieve a phase, they do not waist time celebrating, they move immediately to the next phase. Always remember their method of operation is to divide and conquer.

From their inception, (Google Adam Weishaupt), the single minded goal has been world dominance through the destruction of government and religion. This is a multi-front battle, being waged on us simultaneously. The enacted plan is responsible for the vast majority of conflict worldwide. Their wealth and technology permits them access to every major government (and thus their military). Every single war dating back to Napoleon has been funded on both sides by their international bankers. Every single recession, depression, since the same time, has enriched their position of power and control, for what we lose, is their gain. (Wealth never disappears it only transfers).

Even the societal structures and movements are well within their grasp and therefore control. Have you ever wondered what the humble beginnings of the isms were? Communism, Socialism, Fascism, all creations of the Illuminati to create the division required in people in order to conquer them. The other governmental philosophies, so we would always have an enemy to fight. Then they would equally fund both sides in order to ensure a long, bloody, drawn out war, to ensure all would be in their debt at the end. This also provided the wearing down of the people, through bloodshed, to be willing to accept their solution to all these wars. That would be the United Nations. The formal public face of the Illuminati. That was their promise, no more wars. Of course that never happened. These wars still continue today, all for profit, not once for the reasons they say they are being fought.

Today, they have more power than ever. They are in the process of crashing the world economy to get us all under one standard currency. It will be the final plunder of the working people all over the world. To use their currency will cost us even more in interest then what we pay today. The Federal Reserve charges 17 percent interest on the money they print. That goes right into the pockets of the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's of the world. Plus as an added bonus, they control the value of the currency by either flooding the banks with money, or withholding the money. All this power in the hands of individuals whose soul purpose is to force us into a world wide government, (which would make China's government look like Santa Claus), a world wide health care program, (can you say GENOCIDE?), and a world wide religion.

Finally, this all ties in with the swine flu. It is through this created virus, that they hope to vaccinate us all, under mandates by the World Health Organization. You know how I feel about that. I cant believe any sane person would consider taking these experimental vaccines, actually thinking they are doing themselves anything good. I am almost to the point of saying if you are that stupid, you get what you deserve. I know that would not be helpful though sometimes it is how I feel. It is a direct depopulation program! They have come right out and brazenly admitted they want the world wide population at 500 million. We are at 6.8 billion. The biggest lie, other than the swine flu, is the earth can not sustain current populations. The whole truth is the earth can not sustain current populations under currently used energy and technology. Who do you think is withholding the much needed upgrades in technology and energy?

So, what to do? Well I think it must start by giving credit, where credit is do. The Illuminati are directly responsible for a lot of crap in the world. However, they can only do these things if we are not aware, and through ignorance, allow such things to happen. Once we begin to see their diseased programing, we must help others to see it also. Nothing happens by accident or random chance. Many people have tried to warn us. We still don't listen. Educate yourselves. Time is running out. I for one, do not wish to live as a slave to their whims, even though I already am, I'm trying to change that! Be well. Wake up, pass the word, and please do not accept the poisoned vaccines!

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