Saturday, August 8, 2009

Very Interesting, These Town Hall Meetings

Watch this first! Then my comments will be in proper context.

The first thing I find very interesting is the average "protester" at these town hall meetings is between 55-65, (my own guess from watching several of these town hall videos). That would be the baby boomers! Not the radical, anarchist, or the far right crazies the media loves to talk about. Just common everyday folks like you and me! This is every politician's worst nightmare. They are scrambling to try and put out this fire. I hope they don't succeed. Lyndon LaRouche came out months ago saying this proposed health care reform is identical to the Nazi plan of 1939. No wonder since the exact same people who funded and encouraged the Nazi party are behind the despicable acts of our government. All roads lead to the international banking cartel headed by none other than the Rothschild family. All one has to do is follow the money to see that.

Hopefully people will continue to awaken to the truth of the matter. That is why LaRouche insists our federal government, (all branches) are subservient to the British Empire. The real issue here is the Federal Reserve Bank. This is how our wealth as a nation is being stripped from us. Combine this with the shipping of our manufacturing jobs out of the country, (a planned agenda by the same people) and you see how we are teetering on the edge of a complete collapse. The tsunami that is about to hit the general public will be phenomenal! WE must continue to hold them accountable! We must force them to stop the bullshit! Our very lives depend on it! The baby boomers know this. Where is everyone else? Still stuck in Obamaland?

The next question is how will the powers that be respond to this. It is my guess they will hit back very hard to try and quell the masses. They always try to distract the general public with something else. They are not going to roll over and play nice, just because some people yell at them. Although I must say it is so refreshing to see people getting fed up with their bullshit! My concern now is to what extent are they willing to go to try and quell the outrage. If they send in the stormtroopers and start clubbing and tazzing the elderly what will that do to the masses? No I am afraid that their response could come in the form of a different distraction. They are getting very desperate and frightened. The first thing that comes to mind is a nation wide terrorist attack. It would have to be much larger, and more frightening then 9-11. Something that throws us all into a state of panic. An event large enough to justify shutting down the country. Martial Law. I hope I'm wrong.

No matter what happens, now is the time to keep this fire burning. We need to support each other and realize that the only two groups in existence in this country are not Republicans and Democrats, but citizens and our controllers! If we back down now they will surely run over us like roadkill. We need to seize upon the moment and wake our children up to this absolute necessity to stand up to these thugs.

One other thing I would like to add here, I have noticed many government officials referring to our democracy. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! THIS IS A REPUBLIC!!! If you do not know the difference you need to educate yourselves on this matter. It is very important! Also educate your local politicians because they don't seem to know the difference either. Thank you all! Be well, and be safe, and don't be afraid to go yell your displeasure at the criminals who are robbing us blind, and trying to completely turn us into slaves!!! I am so proud of the people standing on their feet, telling the powers that be, "HELL NO! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!

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