Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beware of the Agenda!

Many people are shocked to hear about child prostitution rings. Rightly so. Then to expose tax payer funded child prostitution rings, WOW!
Do you actually think that this is anything new under the sun? Sorry gang, it is not. How many children are abducted in the U.S. alone every year? Who is responsible for all of these missing children? Another question to ponder. Who is most responsible for the illegal drug trafficking into the country? The facts that people are starting to understand are very overwhelming, but vitally necessary to understanding the true nature of our society. You must understand this is chaos by design.

I do not advocate any of the destructive activities I have spoke of. Most people I know do not either. I think it is very important to understand the broader context of all of this. Our country is divided, for very many reasons. The most important of which is to keep people from unifying into a single cohesive force that would oppose all of this corruption and manipulation and powerlessness over these horrifying things that seem to be occurring with more frequency.

I support people trying to understand the true reality we live in. Very often it is very far away from rainbows and unicorn's shitting skittles to the delight of the masses. Often it is very disgusting and twisted so far beyond our understanding that we cringe and cover our ears, trying to ignore the blatantly obvious truth. We really do not wish to accept that we share a planet with some of the most vile, evil, disgusting, controlling people imaginable. We do. And the fact of the matter is they are more like you and I than we want to admit. They are the people we look up to as our leaders and trusted officials. They are your neighbors, they are the people you work with, they are the people you attend church with, they are everywhere, in some shape and form. They have perfected the art of deception and the means of control, through a system of lies, one built upon the next, that creates a hidden prison of the mind, just beyond our perception. They are predators beyond our understanding, and have no feelings of remorse for destroying other people's lives.

At the very top of their agenda is to keep people divided. It takes an aware and open soul to not get caught up in the battle. They wish to split the population into many splintered and fragmented, tiny little powerless groups. They want us to be afraid, angry, and disorientated. In this state of being we are victims and rendered far less powerful. They want a race war. They want a political battle. They want us to attack everyone who is different from us. They want us to focus on how we are a threat to each other, when in reality we are the biggest threat to them. We must understand the exact nature of their game!

I posted these videos for further proof that the false, left-right paradigm, is also being enhanced by a further defined racial divide, that is threatening to destroy our country. I am not a supporter of Obama, any more than I was a supporter of Bush. They are nothing but puppets being jerked by the same master. I am asking the people who can see this to step up and help calm those who are falling for this. Racism is a sickness of the mind, that is present in ALL races of people, to one degree or another. It's roots are often housed in generational hand me downs of deceit and control. All of these things are projections of the controllers plans, and are working very well right now. None of us are chosen above our fellow planetary inhabitants as rulers. The system has created that illusion. The system instills that illusion. The system must collapse. A far better way of living is waiting for us. We only have to wake up to it. That will come, as a direct result of experiencing the true nature of the program we have been deceived into embracing! Please don't allow yourself to be compromised in this fashion any longer! Please step up and denounce the lies, fear, and hatred that control your mind. Please free yourselves from your self imposed prison. We need each other to do that now! We need to learn to stand together!

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