Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fractured Fairy Tales

I keep picking at the carcass of the 9-11 event, hoping to help people realize that the fairy tale presented that day is the pivotal point of most current events today. It is the event of the century, the Pearl Harbor event, the government needed to rally the troops and garnish support for policy changes, war, and militarization of our country. It is far easier to believe the official story then to search for truth. I have read just about every piece of information about that day, including the official 9-11 commission report. I don't pretend to know what really happened that day, but I do know one thing, the more one looks for answers, the more questions one finds. I always end up back at the main question. Who benefits the most from the crime? It was all too set up that day. I say that because the main stream media was saying who was responsible for the act within hours of the attack. Too convenient in my book. Too scripted. Too complete, too quickly. As I have said before, it is the main rabbit hole to go down, which leads to many other things. I just want the truth about our world. That in and of itself is probably the most difficult thing to obtain, which is all the more reason to pursue it.

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