Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"End the Fed" by Ron Paul

Click Here for a review of Ron Paul's new book. "End the Fed.

The importance of this topic is staggering, yet few people know the Federal Reserve banking system is a private offshore bank. It is not government run. The government borrows all of it's currency from the Fed at interest. Few understand if the government shut down the fed and issued currency to it's own people through congress, under the constitution, we would eliminate the interest owed to offshore bankers who do nothing but print the money. The money that they loan us has no backing of any sort. It is simply printed out of thin air! Printing and issuing our own currency would accomplish two main goals. We would eliminate the loan shark type interest rates we are paying the central banking system, which is nothing more then a collection device for the British Empire (Illuminati). This was made possible through the federal reserve act of 1914. So you see, despite the valiant efforts of many true patriots, our country still remains under the British Empire! Why do you think Obama knelt before the queen of England!

Wake up people, the federal reserve is just a wealth extraction devise to weaken the country, along with globalization to reduce us to a third world nation. Why are they doing this? To break the will of the American people, because we are the only people who possess the power to break the backs of the British Empire. We have accomplished that task several times only to be infiltrated by traitors who were subservient to the British Empire. This has been done and continued through many other means also, most notably through the Rockefeller family.

We are on the brink of complete economic collapse. The positive note to that is an opportunity to reclaim our country, establish, once again, control of our own destiny, and in conjunction show the rest of the world, a system of government and an economy, based on natural laws, that come from a constitutionally driven Republic, where rule of law, by the people, for the people, regains its proper place. This will ONLY happen if we the people, GROW UP, and stop expecting the government to wipe our asses for us! It is all up to us. Do we want to grow up and shed the diapers, or do we expect the government to provide the ointment to sooth our chapped asses?

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