Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama Madness! Osama Reprise!

Holy shit is this man on a roll. If there was ever a doubt who O works for it should be clear now!
Here we find an article on O pushing for complete dictatorial control buy the international bankers, through the federal reserve, over the entire economy of the U.S.! Watch the video by Judge Napolitano on this matter!

Then this guy decides to chair the U.N. Security Council! The first ever, sitting president to do so!
What the hell, this guy is acting like someone who does not have to follow and uphold the constitution!

Let's not forget about the health care bill that 2 million marched down the streets of D.C. to tell O and congress to shove up their asses! Then to add to the insult, white house senior advisor, David Axelrod, says the protesters are wrong about what America thinks about the healthcare reform!

Combine all of those things with the threats of disagreeing with the mighty O makes you a racist! Throw in a little people who talk about the federal reserve or the constitution are terrorists, oh and this just in, the other O, Osama, just released yet another threat from his cave in the mountains! I think the O people will be threatening my grandchildren in one way or another!

Then of course we have the continued saga of Climate Change and the impacts on the world economy!

Oh and don't forget the World Health Organization and the novelH1N1 flu hysteria!

Whew! OK. Does anyone see a common denominator here? International this, world order that, globalization, world economic order. Still think I'm just crazy about a 233 year old conspiracy for the Illuminati to take over the world? If you can't see this shit unfolding at lightning speed your either blind or you don't give a shit! Both Os are puppets of the ruling elite. Both answer to the same masters! They know the time is short. It shall be interesting to see what happens at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on 9-24 to 9-27. So many things happening at once. I hope there is an equally strong contingent of protesters there. What would they do if 2 million pissed off Americans paid them a visit? The world is watching. I hope we don't let them down. Be well. and throw a little extra food and water in your basement, now is not the time to be caught short handed!

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