Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Happened in America

Here is a story about Camp Greyhound. This was a make shift prison camp created by the department of homeland security and FEMA. It seems many were rounded up and imprisoned with no charges filed, and many it seems were not engaged in any criminal activity. Unless of course you consider trying to survive a crime.

Many horrible events occurred following landfall of hurricane Katrina. Both natural and man made events. It was the first post 9-11 catastrophe where the government rolled out their disaster plans. The way the law reads, they can declare a disaster, (real or concocted) and completely take control of a city, a region, or a country!

You can believe what ever you want, but please understand this, the day is gone where you had constitutional rights. We have crossed over to some form of a dictatorship. The day our fate was sealed was 9-11-01. Deal with it.

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