Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Military Checkpoints

Interviews with National Guard in Kentucky, assisting local police. An off camera interview with a local 30 yr veteran of the Newport Police Department suggested the local force needed help from the guard because of budget cuts in the police department. Is this a sign of things to come? Integration of the military to ease the public and condition them to the military being present, thus programing them to accept an overt police state. The Federal Government can take advantage of local budgetary constraints to militarize the local police force!

Many guardsmen and active duty military have been asked, during their training, if they would be opposed to conducting operations on the general public, under emergency conditions. Shades of Katrina come to mind here. Many expressed concerns about being ordered to carry out such operations. There are rumors of U.N. troops being housed state side for joint exercises that were to be conducted in the summer. I could not substantiate this. Interesting to note that our President is now the Chairman of U.N. security council, the first ever sitting president to do this!
There is always guns for hire too, such as the infamous, Blackwater, renamed Xe services LLC.

Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's ok for the military to assist in civilian affairs. (Cough) BULLSHIT (Cough)! Being the trusting citizen I am, the government would NEVER do anything against us, would they? (Cough)! Oh, please take some time to check into the events of Katrina, it is an eye opener! Google Camp Greyhound Katrina!

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