Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets Talk Healthcare

After a storybook election when everyone had stars in their eyes, and we got an ass full of the fantastic promises about the CHANGE, and everyone was CHANTING, Yes We Can, things came back to earth. The end of the Iraq war never came (surprise!), tortures still in vogue, bailouts for Wall St (SURPRISE), dictatorial signing statements continue, increased war in Afpakastan (Iran?), Czars up the yin yang (32 and counting) what does the great lakes Czar do?, reappointment of Helicopter Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair, Increased citizen surveillance, calling anyone who opposes the government a terrorist, then saying anyone who opposes Obama is a racist! Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, HELLth care reform. Look, I understand everyone's need to believe in something that provides hope, but it just ain't going to happen with what the Federal government has turned into. You must accept that, if true change is to be forced to happen. And we must quit deluding ourselves with certain fantasies if we are to ever have a positive impact.

Here's the thing, I'm getting tired of the ignorance that rampantly parades itself around on a daily basis. Instead of flapping the gums about how our country needs a wonderful government health care policy, because we all know they are the best at running anything, why not look at the history of health care in this country and see what we find.

Modern health practices were heavily influenced by a major event in 1910. Abraham Flexner was commissioned to pen the infamous Flexner Report of 1910. In this report the very scholarly Flexner traveled the county analyzing the very shoddy American Medical School system. Much to his credit he exposed the horrid conditions and completely inadequate training most medical schools were providing. There were a few good schools, some mediocre schools, and some bad schools. The public was very concerned about this report. The question became what to do about it?

Enter the foundations, Carnegie, and Rockefeller, who also just so happened to fund Flexner's study. Rockefeller, Carnegie foundations pumped millions into the American medical schools. Now many would argue this is a fine thing to do except, as the old saying goes, he who pays the piper names the tune. With the tune named, armed with Flexner's report the Good schools were given millions, along with recommendations as to who sits on their boards, and of course the bad schools got nothing. This would have been very helpful except other changes were made also.

This report and subsequent ground floor funding and direction of the American medical schools also invoked a shift in the rudimental teachings that started to veer from a homeopathic, and naturopathic medical system to an allopathic, German system of medicine, focused on heavy use of drugs, radical surgery and extended stays in hospitals, or the exact system we have in this country today. Now of course many arguments can be made on both sides of the isle here, but which system would be most conducive to an entire industry devoted to insuring peoples care, and more importantly the quality of care, depending of course upon their worth to society. Need we even ask ourselves if the president receives the same health care as a welfare recipient? The other dynamic that has grown to fruition, especially in the last 20yrs. is the huge pharmaceutical industry. Which system would benefit big pharma?

So, if you do a little research, you can see that government run health care has been a long time in the making. Remember Hillary's big push to present Rockefeller with a nation wide health care plan in 1994? Why do some people continue to cling to childish notions that the government is doing things for the good of the citizens? Ask yourself this. Wouldn't it have made much more sense to protect people's homes and jobs rather than bail out the huge corporate banks? Wouldn't it make more logical sense to let the market deal with the unhealthy banks, by eliminating them, rather then bailing them out? Your government is bought and paid for by offshore, international, bankster, pirates. They have no allegiance to any sovereign country on the planet. What in the hell makes you think they are going to provide you with a decent health care system? The insanity in that belief astounds me beyond my ability to comprehend it! They want to provide you with HELLTHCARE alright, a system very much akin to Hitler's T3 system adopted in 1939. Wake up folks, it's not Socialism it's Fascism! Learn the difference! Research history. It's all there. There is nothing new in the playbook. CAUSE-EFFECT-SOLUTION!!!

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  1. Everything I said earlier when you were discussing this with me still applies.

    in addition I am glad you said it's not Socialism it's Fascism! Learn the difference!