Monday, September 14, 2009

March on D.C.

It sure looks different then what main stream media said it was. As usual. Play up the supposed Obama support, demonize those who question or resist. According to the government there was 2 million terrorists in D.C. on 9-12-09!

As we move towards the day of reckoning, (10-1-09) we find this story here.

Chilling to say the least. BANKRUPT! That is what many have been saying for at least a year.
Why don't they do the only logical thing and put the monetary system, and the federal government through a bankruptcy restructuring process? Because they don't care to save anything for us, they only want to save their own asses. They fucked us good with the bailout, and they have no problem doing it again!

Those 2 million marching in D.C. got their attention. They whisked POTUS away and sent him to Minneapolis, so he wouldn't have to see that many people do not support his globalization agenda, and eugenic health care debacle. The catch 22 is too many people protest too loudly, they will have the excuse to take over via martial law. If you think that is not possible, wake up.

So, make no mistake, the perfect storm is on the horizon. The immediate future looks grim.
In the next two months the likelihood of certain events occurring rises exponentially. We will experience challenges from many fronts. How desperate the powers that be become, will determine the exact nature of those events. If it is determined that lock down of the country is needed, watch the media hype. If the pandemic gathers sufficient strength, look for the media to fear monger and push the public towards accepting quarantines and mass vaccinations. If this does not properly materialize, look for increased war activity, or possible strike on Iran from Israel. In the background of all of this is the economic time bomb, set to explode. Or maybe they would divert our attention with another terrorist attack. They have many choices available in their playbook.

Remember, leaked information from the Bilderberg meeting in the spring, said the economy was going to be intentionally crashed, especially in the U.S. This could happen many ways. Time will tell. Lets hope none of the above happen. Lets hope the country finds a way to step back from the edge of the abyss. When the ruling elite think they have it wrapped up, they are at their most vulnerable moment! That is when you break their backs once and for all. This could be done by the following:
1. Declare the British controlled monetary system of central banks illegal and disband and confiscate all bailout monies given them.

2. Declare complete system wide bankruptcy, and protect all assets through reorganization.

3. Declare the formation of a congressional backed credit system with an interest rate of 2 percent.

3a. Use credit system to back nation wide infrastructure projects to create real jobs.

4. Set up a treaty system with Russia, China, India, and the U.S. all as sovereign states, supporting a world credit system as described.

As a result the world monetary system would be destroyed and the 2percent interest credit system would put power back in the common persons hands to take control of their own lives once again. People need to know the true evil of the world is the British monetary system that robs everyone of their wealth. This can be done if we ALL force our government to take these simple actions. If we cower in fear and lat them control us, we are done. If we get off our knees and stand again as proud, free people that we are supposed to be, we can free the entire world of all of this bullshit! So what's it gonna be?

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