Thursday, October 22, 2009

Banksters and Drug Cartels

At least with drug cartels you get to get high from the product! You don't even get a fucking toaster from the bankster bastards anymore! WTF? Speaking of drug cartels, Afghanistan's heroin production is booming. The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium trade from Afghanistan until the "coalition of the willing" invaded in 2001. British and U.S. control of the Afghan opium puts about 65 billion in their pockets each year. Then the war on drugs cleans up the other end by imprisoning drug addicts and petty dealers, pushing the dope the government sells them! Quite the racket. Plus you can poison a fair share of citizens while destroying their families. All wonderful agendas of the New World order crowd. So, while all you blind patriotic citizens offer your children to the meat grinder, they ensure the production of one of the most destructive, addicting drugs in the world. To support your wonderful government! Don't you just love being an American?


  1. I hope and pray that your messages and all others like you are reaching more and more people!

    It is so important to wake up and hopefully change all of this crap!