Thursday, October 22, 2009

Federal Reserve

In a past life I used to like Bill Maher.
He proves who he is working for by downplaying Belzer's Kennedy remark.
Proof again of the false Left-Right paradigm.
Just like Alex Jones. He will bring you some truthful information.
But when the day is done he will not touch the Zionist connection to all of this!
Also beware of the Patriot-Constitutionist movement!
These people are being exposed to the PTB for easy extermination.
If you study the constitution you find in reality it is not for the citizen but for the land owner, or Bankers and the British Empire!
Laws made by men to rule men are not in concert with universal laws, and thus will be manipulated for evil purposes. If you can not see that you are blind.
The one sure way to poke the eye out of the all seeing Powers That Be, is to end their earthly grasp on humanity! End the corrupt monetary system.

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