Wednesday, November 11, 2009

24 Trillion Dollars

It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend one trillion. Well maybe not. Let's try.
If you count one for every second of the hour, nonstop, it would take you 17 minutes to count to one thousand.
It would take you 12 days to count to one million, counting day and night.
It would take 32 years to count to one billion! 32 YEARS!!
Guess how long to count to one trillion? 32,000 years!!!
Another way to think about it. If you drew a line to show the relationship between one million being the starting point and one billion be six inches to the right of one million, how far to the right of one billion would one trillion be? An astonishing 500 feet to the right of one billion!!!

Ok so how much money is the tax payer liable for, for bailing out banks and government? The ultimate number being thrown around is 23.7 trillion dollars!
So if that amount of money were divided by every man, woman, and child living in the U.S. it would come to 80,000 dollars per person.
So 320,000 per average, per family. Think if that money were given to us instead of stolen from us?
Gee, I wonder how far that would go in stimulating the economy and protecting us from the depression. The fact is, it was more important to give the money to the federal reserve bank.
When asked where the money was given, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said he didn't know! Now to be fair this was in reference to the 750 billion tarp money. The 23.7 trillion is the projected cost of the whole deal to restore the economy. Still you all should understand that this was and is the largest outright theft of a nations wealth ever in the history of mankind.
The truly amazing thing is we are sitting here doing nothing about it! Oh well, we think, big deal!
Well guess what? Who is going to pay for it? You will. Your children will. Your grandchildren will. Your great grandchildren, etc., etc.
People have yet to begin to fathom what is happening. If you want to understand it, look it Germany after W.W. ONE! Only this will be far worse than that. We are now indebted slaves.
Our country will be, as it is already, sold off in pieces to the rest of the world. It will take time, but we will become a 4Th world nation. The government will walk away. The citizens will be blamed! Unless WE do something about it! But what can we do?

1. First and foremost! WE MUST STOP DIVIDING OURSELVES!!! We are in this together.
2. We must realize the only hope we have is to stand together against the globalization and world government.
3. We must realize they have declared war on us!
4. We must cut off their supply chain. We must withdrawal all funds from all banks and stop funding their operation against us by complete refusal to pay any and all taxes. If we did this all together we would completely crush them in a matter of days.
5. We must fire all sitting government officials, maybe put them in a living museum to gawk at, and remind us how we should never act.
6. Reinstall the constitution at every level of government.
7. Completely disband all armed forces and offer their services in rebuilding instead of destroying.
8. Use all newly reclaimed resources to immediately build infrastructure with the latest technology for the poorest countries first, utilizing all abilities to bring everyone to a place where the needs of life are provided to ALL people, with no strings attached, and always encouraging cultural diversity, recognizing that to be the well spring of life and spiritual growth.
9. Provide and encourage continuing education that is taylor made to each individuals strengths and needs.
10. Jobs ascribed value to the direct proportion of service they actually provide society.
12. Complete cooperation with all remaining indigenous peoples in combining the best, non destructive technology with ancient wisdom and stewardship of the planet.
These are just basic suggestions as I'm sure you all could come up with much better ideas then I can. The point being there is one direct source of war, poverty, starvation, division, propaganda, deceit, hatred. If we all turned and pointed them out, and demanded change, we could make it happen. I will never give up on this world. As violent, and unfair, and cruel as this world is, it
always has the potential to turn around. It will not turn around by war, control, or laws. Everyone has a choice. We must consider no longer supporting a system that steals everything from us. We must consider protecting ourselves. We have a choice. We must consider civil disobedience, for if we continue on our present path nothing less than our very souls remain threatened, and hollowed out, until we are nothing but mindless, senseless beings with no purpose or reason to be. That would surely be the place many call hell!
I now surrender my soapbox to the next person! If nothing else, show the people around you how much you love them, it don't cost you a penny, but it's worth all the money in the world. Maybe that's simply what this is all about. Teaching us to come together, despite so many trying to keep us divided!

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  1. If we learn lessons and grow spiritually from percieved negative events, then this is going to be one whopper of a lesson and spiritual evolution!!!!!!!!!!!!1