Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lurking in the Background

I ran across this story while reading From The Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog.
Michael Ruppert has done extraordinary research for many years, culminating in the movie, Collapse.
This event is huge! I can not stress how important this is. The world wide supply of fossil fuels has been in severe decline for a few years now. You can learn much more about it at From the Wilderness. This is no longer an active sight, but all of Ruppert's work is achieved there.
This is top notch research into a lot of the events that have led us to today.
The main premise being that most of our global acts are for the reason of securing dwindling supplies of oil and natural gas. Lurking in the background is the inevitable, dramatic, price swings in energy. Just think what would happen if we suddenly had to pay 200 dollars a barrel for oil.
Our situation is much more precarious then we realize. If Mike is freaking out about Cuba's energy shortage, we all should be concerned!

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